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The Black Banana Strain: What You Should Know

Black Banana Strain

This post explores everything you might need to know about the black banana strain. From finding more about its genealogy down to helping you discover ways of getting more out of this controversial strain through brilliant and helpful tips such as how to use it, where it’s useful, and its advantages. Let’s learn more.

What is the black banana strain? What makes it unique? The black banana strain is an Indica dominant cross of the banana fire cookie strain and the blackberry kush. It is, therefore, a hybrid. It has no CBD concentration and has a THC concentration that is an average of 18.5%.

We now know this type of sativa strain, but that is just the general definition. Later, we’ll cover every other aspect of the cannabis strain. Let’s consider the more advanced details of this potent variety.


Banana Fire Strain Background

The black banana strain is a hybrid of two other strains. It’s born out of crossing the blackberry kush, which is essentially a cross between the bubba kush and the blackberry. Another strain called the banana fire cookies is a cross between the fire cookies and Banana OG.

The banana strain comprises 65% indica and 35% sativa. That begs the question, is black banana indica or sativa?
Before we even answer that, let’s first determine what qualifies as “indica.”

When it comes to comparing indica vs. sativa, indica strains of cannabis are ideal for people who want to lighten up during stressful times. They are also great for nighttime use since they tend to produce a more sedating experience than the compound found in sativa.

Although people don’t refer to the strain as an indica due to its 35% sativa genes, it boasts a unique genetic background that gives it traits of both.

This powerful strain averages 18.5% THC but ranges from 15% to 22%, according to AllBud. THC is short for tetrahydrocannabinol. The THC level in this strain is not extremely strong. But if you are a beginner or more casual user, this might work for you.

THC levels alone are not what causes one to feel high, whether in a blunt or a black banana cookie. While these levels do play a big role, other factors come into play, such as the CBD cannabis level of the strain.

Also known as the banana cookie, this strain has no CBD, responsible for many of the effects a person might feel after consuming cannabis-related products. We promise to provide more details on how CBD impacts cannabis as we move along with this article.

The effects of this strain can last up to four hours, and you should consume it during the daytime or early evening hours. More about that later.

Flavors, Aroma, Appearance, and Taste

You’ll love this cannabis strain because of its deep purple buds. The strain produces large nuggets with frosty trichomes that are bold lavender. One can describe its smell as citrusy, while the taste is spicy and fruity.

The trichomes are tiny and white, although the white has a hint of purple. The nuggets, also commonly referred to as nugs, are dense, long, tapered, and pepper-shaped with a dark olive-green color.

Additionally, the banana strain has a rich and potent aroma. You can expect fresh, sweet banana scents as you pull apart its nuggets. But there is also an earthy smell similar to freshly watered, dusty soil.

This cannabis strain has a light flavor accentuated by a sweet and fruity berry taste with hints of ripe, earthy bananas and spicy grapes. The banana strain is a delicious variety that makes you feel lifted and happy. It’s not a strong strain, but its effects are enjoyable in just the right amounts.

The strain’s flavors and aromas pleasantly explode in your mouth. One thing that stands out about it is the simplistic complexity of its flavors. It contains nothing but pure greatness.

Effects, Medical Benefits, and Usage

This strain has long-lasting effects that manifest in different ways, but all have the same effect of calming a person down. These effects come slowly, with one following the other as if on cue. You could even say they are like a domino effect and seem to build upon each other as they escalate.

It has a potent aroma that will waft through your nasal passage until it hits the back of your throat.

The first sensation you’ll experience is an invigorating cerebral buzz built that takes the edge off any stress. The strain’s high THC incites happiness while providing an all-around sense of well-being, not just for you but also for those around you!

After you feel that sweet buzz in the back of your head, the calming sensation eventually spreads all over your body until your emotions are completely cooled off. Thus, the banana strain has a sedative effect that makes it appropriate for relaxing and sleeping.

So, if you want to lift your spirits, sleep or feel happy, the black banana strain might just be what you need. Don’t be scared if you get super hungry afterward. That is perfectly normal.

In medicine, the strain has several uses. Its terpene profile provides relief from inflammation. The strain can also serve as an antibiotic. It can help treat acne by killing the P. acnes bacteria.

Furthermore, as we explored earlier, it can help treat depression and fatigue. The strain is popular among cancer patients because of its ability to fight inflammation and help with other illnesses.

Research has also shown that this strain is suitable for relieving cramps and arthritis. In addition, the black banana strain’s soothing effect makes it suitable for relieving headaches and migraines, chronic pain and muscle spasms.

Besides vaping or using a smoking pipe, you can assimilate the black banana strain into your meal plans. In exclusive recipes, you can use this strain to make banana bread, banana cookies, banana muffins, banana smoothies and even banana ice cream.


How to Grow Black Banana Strain, Yield, and Sales

The Solfire Gardens seed company was the pioneer breeder of the black banana strain. The strain grows tall and upright with huge nuggets. Its stem is robust, and it bursts into flowers after just 56 days when grown inside.

Would you like to grow banana cookies? One of the best ways is by growing it outdoors in a humid environment, outside preferably, or inside with large pots, in a reflective room. Maximize the strain’s light exposure by using a brightly lit room.

Proper exposure to light encourages growth, allowing for photosynthesis and chlorophyll formation. A foolproof path to a great harvest with the black banana strain is growing it indoors using a gas lantern routine (especially if the strains are developed using auto-flowering techniques). Apply the light to the plant in cycles — with periods of darkness — which will help increase the number of yields.

Be sure to prune the black banana plant because it grows denser at the top. The cannabis strain does well in temperatures between 68 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

You might want to use fertilizers. In that case, choose fertilizers with more nitrogen than potassium and phosphorus. You should also ensure that you provide micronutrients such as zinc, magnesium, calcium, sulfur and iron.

Where to Buy the Black Banana Strain

420VL.com is a good place to start if you want to buy the banana fire cookies strain. Several shops, clinics and health centers supply and deliver this strain. The delivery services differ and may depend on your city and state.

Related Questions

What is banana runtz?

Banana runtz is a balanced strain with indica and sativa in equal proportion. It has both of them at 50% concentration. You create it by crossing the gelato and zkittlez strains.
Like the black banana, the runtz has a sweet taste with hints of ripe banana. The only difference is that runtz has a sugary candy flavor. Its THC level sits between 20% and 26%.

What is the banana hammock strain?

The banana hammock strain is a feminized cross of the grape god and mandarin sunset varieties. The two parents’ varieties are extremely delicious, and as a result, the hammock has a unique mixture of fruity flavors.
It also has high psychoactive power with a CBD concentration of between 1 and 2% and a high THC concentration of between 22 and 27%. It tastes like honey and grapes.

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