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Stinger Detox

Various products on the market boast the ability to help you test positive for a drug test or products that claim to be an overall powerful and effective detox. It is important to do your research before you purchase any product because claiming a product can help you test clean for a drug test is always risky. One of the most popular products on the market for detoxing before a drug test was created by the company, Stinger Detox.

Stinger Detox has created multiple products with various features and favors designed around helping you detox and cleanse your system. This product has been met with mixed reviews, with the website promoting five-star reviews while other sources paint a different story. Detoxes are great for a pinch and can be effective; however, you should never completely rely on a single detox drink to help you test clean. This article seeks to explore Stinger Detox and help you decide if this is a good product for you.

What Is Stinger Detox? 

There is little to be found online about Stinger Detox. The company was formed in 1993 and is based out of Phoenix Arizona and consider themselves among one of the first detox drinks on the market. Stinger Detox states that all of their products are manufactured in state-of-the-art faculties that are FDA approved, following the highest expectations.

Stinger Detox produces multiple types of detox drinks, offered in various flavors to help you pass a drug test or detox your system from weed. Stinger Detox products are considered a staple in the industry and have been around for more than 20 years.

What Products Does Stinger Detox Offer?

As mentioned previously, Stinger Detox sells various types of detox drinks, mouthwash, and hair products. Their detox drinks provide you with a range of benefits and include the following:

      • Stinger Instant Detox Regular Strength
      • Stinger Instant Detox 5X Extra Strength
      • Stinger 5X 7 Day Extra Strength Permanent
      • Stinger 7 Day Permanent Liquid
      • Stinger Buzz Extra Strength Liquid

Depending on what you need, Stinger Detox offers a solution to help you detox your system and test clean.

Stinger Instant Detox Regular Strength and 5X Extra Strength

This detox drink promotes the ability to help your body eliminate the toxins in a fast and effective way. This drink boasts a pleasant flavor and does not require you to be 48-hours free of toxins before use. This is a good solution if you are looking for something to help you get clear fast. If you are concerned, you can check out the 5X Extra Strength for that little extra push.

The directions instruct you to drink the detox 60-90 minutes before the desired time. They recommend to refill it with water and repeat the process twice. You will have to urinate frequently, but that means the product is working. It is also suggested to stay away from milk and other dairy products.

Stinger 5X 7 Day Extra Strength Permanent

If you are looking for something with a little extra kick and a product that can clear your system in 7 days, then the Stinger 5X 7 Day Extra Strength Permanent might be the product for you. This product states that it can help your body cleanse itself within a week if you follow the directions appropriately. It claims that all major systems will be cleansed by the end of the process, permanently.

The instructions state to take one tablespoon in the morning and once at night, before bed. You can mix the product with water or juice and refrain from milk or dairy 30 minutes before use. To achieve the best results, refrain from exposure to the toxins during the detox week.

Do Stinger Detox’s Products Work?

Now, onto the important part, do Stinger Detox products work? Companies can boast all day long about the wonders of their products, but what is most important is if they work. Based on customer reviews, the detox drinks receive mixed reviews. The website promotes positive, 4 and 5 star reviews while other sources, like Amazon, show much lower reviews.

Most reviews point out that the instructions are not entirely accurate nor do the effects work as well as they thought. Some of the products do seem to work, but you are required to use a little more, or for a longer amount of time than directed. If you are a moderate to a regular smoker, be warned these products are most likely going to be rendered ineffective, or at the very least, will require multiple uses before the effects kick in.

Most of the ingredients in the detox drinks are relatively standard and you can achieve a lot of the same effects utilizing supplements and proper diet and hydration.

Stinger Detox Pros

      • Simple to use.
      • Relatively affordable.
      • Can work if you are a mild to moderate cannabis smoker.
      • Variety of products to choose from.

Stinger Detox Cons

      • Ineffective for regular or long-term cannabis users.
      • Unimpressive list of ingredients.
      • Little to no information regarding the company can be found online.

Final Verdict

When it comes to what products you buy, the choice is completely up to you; however, it seems like this product might not be all that effective, especially if you are a long-term weed smoker. Stinger Detox drinks may work in a pinch, and if you are a mild smoker, but they should not be relied upon. There is nothing special within the ingredients that makes it noteworthy; however, it does seem like some of their products yield some positive results, depending on your smoking habits.

As mentioned previously, Stinger Detox’s products receive mixed reviews and it is somewhat sketchy that there is not much information you can learn about them online. Ask around and see what other people around you have to say about their products. Use your best instincts and judgment to determine if Stinger Detox products are right for you.

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