Space Cake Strain Review: Vanilla Sedation

Space Cake Strain

The Space Cake strain sounds like a good idea: just an intergalactic trip with your favorite weed. But what does the cannabis nug look, taste, and feel like? With a heavy emphasis on vanilla and a happy high, you can count on the Space Cake strain for a good time. But this GSC descendant has a lot more depth than you think. Read on for all the intricacies of this tasty mood booster.

What is the Space Cake Strain?

Space Cake strain is an indica-dominant hybrid strain, leaning to the indica side at 65%. The Space Cake strain has one of the most delicious and graphic names in the cannabis industry and even has a nickname in Space Age Cake. The flower was first cultivated by Bodhi Seeds, a breeder with an awesome track record. This surely translates to the luscious flavors and potent high when you cut a slice of some Space Cake.

Its THC levels average at 16-23% showing its versatility to wander from average to high potency, an advantage for marijuana beginners looking to start. Its parents are the epic Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Snow Lotus. Both are celebrated for their sugary taste and potent highs which seeps sweetly into Space Cake.

Space Cake Strain

Space Cake Strain Profile


The cannabis plant itself stands regal with bright greens and oranges, spade-like leaves sprouting from under its green pistils. Although it doesn’t contain any of the flavors associated with the food, the Space Cake strain nugs look like very cheesy rolls of weed. It is covered in bright and light greens that almost look like powdered cheese is sprinkled all over it. This might also be because of the bright orange hairs that are sprinkled all across the bud. Snowy amber trichomes glisten a top the body of Space Cake, sticky with resin.

Aroma and Flavor

This is probably the favorite part of many Space Cake aficionados. The scent of fruitiness is welcome to many stoners and its candy-like notes are just the treat. As a Cookies strain, the creamy profile is not a surprise but is certainly what gathers people to get their supply of Space Cake. On the inhale nuttiness, vanilla, and berries are the harmonic combination that will fill your throat. Each exhale is pure sugar with citrus notes.

Space Cake’s terpenes are taken over by the prominent caryophyllene, peppery spice of a flavor that can be beneficial for its anti-inflammatory effects. Limonene is what adds the special citrus kick which makes Space Cake interesting and fresh. Some spiciness also comes through in humulene.


Many long-time users will be fond of the nostalgia that the high will bring you. It is just a smooth smoke you can enjoy together with friends. You start with a laid-back feeling, relaxation spreading across your body. Waves of upliftment will then hit you, increasing in intensity and exploding in a sweet high. And this high fits the “Space” Cake name, allowing you to reach highs that are off the planet. A sedated feeling follows saccharine flavors lingering in your mouth.

Space Cake can last pretty long and can make you feel hazy and sleepy throughout your session. Others would say it can make you hyper-focused, sensory perception heightened. Taking too much can cause anxiety and dizziness so keep your intake in check if you’re going for a more light experience or if you are a newbie. Make sure to bring some liquids for a dry mouth too. Lastly, you can also be prone to the munchies so some food also won’t hurt.

Medicinal Effects

Medical marijuana patients with anxiety, depression, and stress can benefit from Space Cake and its calming qualities. The strain can also be mood-lifting, equally sought after by the same patients. Meanwhile, its ability to increase appetite is also useful for people who are struggling in that department.

Space Cake StrainWhat Activities Go Well With Space Cake Strain?

If you are wondering what you should do while smoking or eating Space Cake strain you won’t have to worry. Many stoners love to take tokes together and it is a welcome guest at gatherings. Lone wolfs might prefer watching movies or television or simply reading before the sugary sedation takes over.

Growing the Space Cake Strain

This strain is made especially abundant with a Snow Lotus male, yielding 10 to 12 ounces per square meter indoors and 14 to 16 ounces per plant outdoors. The flowering time comes in 9 weeks and you can expect a generous harvest.

Final Thoughts

As a Cookies strain, Space Cake does not disappoint in the flavor corner, vanilla oozing through with fruity notes. A classic high and a social or relaxing vibe will match whatever event you have planned with your smoking session. Go for a delivery service to get your supply of your favorite weed strains for a convenient and easy way to have it all in your hands.

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