Read This Before You Try The Paradise Waits Strain

The Paradise Waits Strain

Experienced cannabis connoisseurs seeking a blissful escape into paradise, the notoriously strong, Paradise Waits strain is a perfect strain. With a unique, euphoric high as well as a potency that is not for the faint of heart, Paradise Waits can become an instant classic, adding its own niche to the industry. Bred using unique and creative genetics on a small, family-owned farm in California, this cannabis strain sets a new standard when it comes to blissful relaxation. 

For individuals interested in growing this strain or trying it out for themselves, stay tuned. This article dives in and explores everything there is to know about the Paradise Waits strain including background information, growing tips, and a review of its transcendental effects. 

Paradise Waits Strain Background

The Paradise Waits strain is a THC-dominant indica that was created by Scarlet Fire Farms in Humboldt Country, California by crossing their very own strain Scarlet Fire and the notorious Harlequin strain. Paradise Waits is among one of the most mysterious and unique creations that have come from Scarlet Fire Farms. 

Although finding an exact THC content for this strain can be scarce or hard to come by, most reports pin it at around 29% THC which is why this strain is typically recommended for experienced smokers. Paradise Waits is a strain that even veteran smokers should not underestimate as it presents a few unique twists to the traditional indica high. It should be noted that this strain has a very low CBD content, but it still functions well for both medicinal and recreational use. 

Paradise Waits Strain Appearance and Aroma

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Paradise Waits produces tantalizing and attractive buds that definitely appear as though they were cultivated on an island paradise. The buds produced are dense and firm but feature a wild array of various colors with prominent dark green foliage interspersed with golden amber undertones. If viewed carefully, hints of dark purple can be detected breaking through some of the denser green foliage. Saturated with crystal-like trichomes, this strain is a true sight to behold.

The aromatic profile emitted from this strain is rather unique and complex but blends together a sweet and sour explosion from the blending of citrus and hash. Some users report a fresher, floral scent that is marked by a pungent hint of diesel and cream. 

How To Grow The Paradise Waits Strain

For growers interested in growing the Paradise Waits strain, there is a bit of bad news. As of now, Scarlet Fire Farms has not released the seeds of this, or any of their other strains, for others to grow. Scarlet Fire Farms is a small, family-owned operation that focuses on organic and environmentally friendly practices rather than making their seeds available for profit. For cannabis lovers who live in Northern California, Paradise Waits is an easy strain to try, but for other parts of the world, it may pose more of a challenge. 

How Does The Paradise Waits Strain Make You Feel?

The high produced from the Paradise Waits strain is unlike any other indica on the market as its blissful descent into relaxation is also marked by some minor visual or auditory hallucinations as well as a full-body heaviness. Once the euphoria kicks into overdrive, some users might experience a case of giggles which also makes this an enjoyable strain to enjoy with company. Paradise Waits can also help ease users to sleep as the combined heaviness on the body with the enticing relaxing properties over time can be a potent way to catch up on some sleep. 

Where Can You Get Your Hands On The Paradise Waits Strain?

If you are looking for places to buy the Paradise Waits strain, then be aware that it can be a challenging one to obtain. Since this strain comes from a small, family-owned farm, it is not as easily spread to other places as some of the bigger growing operations with vast networks. Individuals who live in Northern California shouldn’t have a problem getting their hands on the Paradise Waits strain, or at dispensaries across the country with unique connections into some of the more elusive strains coming from California.

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