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Read This Before You Try The Kush Cake Strain

Kush Cake Strain

Stoners from all over rave about the potency and relaxing yet euphoric high produced by the Kush Cake strain, immediately cementing it as a high-quality staple in the cannabis industry. This intoxicating indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain is known for its tantalizing and addictive aromatic profile and its hard-hitting sedation and relaxation. Best reserved for experienced cannabis lovers, the Kush Cake strain offers a wide range of benefits and showcases the true heights and successes that the industry has to offer.

For individuals interested in learning more about the Kush Cake strain, stay tuned. This article dives in and explores everything there is to know about this strain including background information, growing tips, and a review of its euphorically potent high. 

Kush Cake Strain Background

The Kush Cake strain is known by many names (LA Kush Cake or Kush Cake #5) and is sometimes confused with other cannabis strains like Wedding Cake or LA Kush, but it has its unique makeup and diverse genetic line that separates it from the rest. Cultivated by crossing Wedding Cake with Kush Mints, the Kush Cake strain inherited some of the most complex and potent genetics in the industry that has paved the way for hundreds of other popular cannabis strains. However, although the consensus supports those two as the parent strains, there is some debate within the community over the true lineage of the Kush Cake strain due to genetic similarities with other cannabis strains. 

With an average THC content of around 21%, the Kush Cake strain is a potent yet versatile strain that offers unique benefits for both recreational and medicinal use. 

Kush Cake Strain Appearance and Aroma

One of the best features associated with the Kush Cake strain is its strikingly attractive appearance and intoxicating aromatic profile. With light green foliage and bright orange hairs poking through the spongy bud structure, these plants truly take center stage. To top things off, the surface of the buds are coated in crystal-like trichomes which makes the buds appear to shift and give off a shiny luster. 

The aromatic profile of this cannabis strain is one of the most recognizable in the industry since it resembles that of its two parent strains, Wedding Cake and Kush Mints. With prominent notes of pine and earth blended with tantalizing hints of sweetness, the Kush Cake strain’s flavor is immediately addictive as it truly enhances the overall ambiance and effect of the high. Dominated by terpenes like Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene, this cannabis strain promotes various aromatherapeutic benefits that allow for users to get the maximal experience while smoking this strain. Users report the Kush Cake strain’s smoke to be smooth hitting with a lingering creamy aftertaste. 

How To Grow The Kush Cake Strain


Whether someone is a veteran cultivator or a newbie, the Kush Cake strain is a relatively straightforward strain to grow that offers massive rewards when it comes time to harvest. Under the proper conditions, this cannabis strain can not only produce high yields but potent and high-quality harvests every time. As the plants mature, the pungent aroma slowly becomes more and more dominant which also helps to signal the transition into harvesting the plants. With an average flowering period of roughly 8-9 weeks, the plants grow to be significantly tall which requires the proper amount of support provided at the proper stages in development. Due to the plant’s height, regular trimmings are also required to ensure all parts of the plant receive ample sources of light throughout the plant evenly. 

The Kush Cake strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, however, for this plant to thrive outdoors it is best suited to a Mediterranean climate with it being resistant to mold and mildew. An indoor growing set-up requires constant temperatures with a warm humidity between 40-50%. 

How Does The Kush Cake Strain Make You Feel?


The Kush Cake strain is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that most prominently inspires relaxation, creativity, and surges in euphoria. At higher doses and for users with lower tolerance levels the Kush Cake strains high could become overwhelming and lead to full-scale sedation or overstimulation of the senses. This strain should not be underestimated, even for the most experienced smokers out there. 

This hard-hitting strain, although indica-dominant, can arouse individuals to accomplish tasks or inspire creativity in some cases as well as a variety of health benefits like relief from anxiety, depression, pain, stress, and even PTSD. This cannabis strain can also aid individuals who suffer from insomnia find a restful sleep at night due to the deep-seated relaxation and sedative effects.

Where Can You Get Your Hands On The Kush Cake Strain

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