Reach a Restful Destination with Beach Wedding Strain

Beach Wedding Strain

Ready to turn a jam-packed day into a serene sashay along the shores of your favorite cove? Embrace an event that needs its destination— one that’s definitely on the calmer side of the week. Beach Wedding strain tastes and feels exactly like the name it is known for. Ready to dive into what the whole package is like? Continue reading before you embark on a much-awaited rest-fest.

What is the Beach Wedding Strain?

The first venturers into the Beach Wedding strain are no strangers to the relaxing waves of the sea. Oni Seeds Co. also bred iconic tropical-themed cannabis such as Tropicanna Cookies and Papaya hybrid, making them a household name. Beach Wedding is no exception with parents like the zany Tropicana Cookies and the famous Wedding Cake. Both names garner lots of hype in the community; they are said to be very effective and enjoyable to take. Not to mention that these strains belong under the GSC family, one of the most reputable monikers in a stoner’s vocabulary. Beach Wedding surely won the genetic lottery. It is an indica-dominant hybrid with effects that show both sativa and indica roots.

How Does the Beach Wedding Strain Look?


Proving it looks great under the scorching sun, Beach Wedding has all the golden and amber texture of delicious papaya. Medium green leaves stick out from the cannabis plant, long and fuzzy with trichomes. Its dark purple body only complements the overall vivid greens and oranges. A layer of frost also blankets the flower in crystal trichomes. If there is anything the image of this plant and bud can tell you that this strain is a festival of emotions and its aroma plays a part in the Beach Wedding experience.

How Does Beach Wedding Smell?

Each twitch of your nose brings in luscious and refreshing scents: citrus and earthiness. Beach Wedding smells pungent with earthy undertones of citrus. Wedding Cake and Tropicanna Cookies F1 are both prominent members of the GSC family, and as such, Beach Wedding exhibits many of the same aromatic qualities. A mixture of limonene is responsible for the prominent citrus scent. The caryophyllene makes it smell just like pepper, a spicy addition. Meanwhile, the herbal smell comes from humulene. Some cookie dough also comes through, a sweet taste from either one.

How Does the Beach Wedding Strain Taste?

Once you grind some bud and start toking, you’ll notice only subtle differences between the smell and taste. Beach Wedding adds a bouquet to the whole event, a floral flavor being a welcome difference from its aroma. On the other hand, there is the usually sweet, tropical, and citrusy taste that remains consistent.

How Does It Make You Feel?

For a momentous event, people bringing some Beach Wedding might first feel very relaxed and at ease. You will start to feel tingly and giggly. This is an opportune time to get creative and bask in the sunlight of your joy from the Beach Wedding. The strain can make you feel extremely primed for artistic expression. On the flipside, paranoia and a rapid heartbeat as well as anxiousness and paranoia would mix and mingle at your reception if you take too much food or medicine.

What are the Medicinal Effects of Beach Wedding Strain?

There’s no room for tears at this Beach Wedding. These nugs will make you smile silly all day long, washing away the pain, depression, and fatigue. It is famous for being able to relax even the most burnt-out stoner or newbie to the crowd. Its relief for the aches of your body will make you feel like you are floating on your back, in the middle of the shallows of the sea.

How Can You Grow the Beach Wedding Strain?


Beach Wedding can be purchasable in seed form. Clones are also available through the developers themselves, Oni Seeds Co. You can grow Beach Wedding under the wide-open skies or under the tropical hut that is your greenhouse. One thing to note as a grower is that the strain grows out incredibly long fan leaves so periodic trimming is a must. It takes a long time to flower, about 70 days. This could mean a harvest every middle of October.

Once all has grown and frosted, you will receive a hefty amount of yield from this generous plant, its buds covered in resin. If you are a beginner you might want to consider planting this one while remembering to trim it.

Final Thoughts

Looking for a momentous vacation away from mundane city life? You might want to read this tourist guide to weed in DC or get your very own supply of Beach Wedding. This indica-leaning strain ticks all the right boxes under the sativa and indica strain giving you cheerfulness but also serenity.

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