Oro Blanco Strain: Does it Really Live Up to the Hype?

Oro Blanco Strain

As an Indica leaning hybrid, the Oro Blanco strain offers THC levels that top out at just under 30%. As a result, it eases a variety of ailments and is known to jump-start the creative process. In other words, it’s a great choice to help kick-start your creative process when your mood just won’t allow it.

Also known as White Gold, the Oro Blanco strain is a must-try for anxiety and depression sufferers. It has a smooth flavor, offers a euphoric high, and can help ease away physical pain. It’s a highly potent hybrid strain marketed as a tool to wake up your mind and stimulate the creative process.

So, if you’re ready to figure out if the Oro Blanco strain is right for you, you’re definitely in the right place. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this popular up-and-coming strain.


About Oro Blanco

The Oro Blanco strain is a hybrid Indica-leaning strain with a 60/40 Indica/Sativa split. It gets its English name, White Gold, from its two parent strains: White Widow and Himalayan Gold. Both strains are known for their ability to boost euphoria, creativity, and happiness while squashing out the negativity by clearing your mind of anything that could bring you down.

As hybrids themselves, both parent strains have highly curated effects cultivators have passed on to Oro Blanco. You can find some of the key characteristics of White Widow and Himalayan Gold in the table below. As you can see, Oro Blanco gives you the best attributes of each wrapped up in one bud.

White Widow Himalayan Gold Oro Blanco
Euphoria Yes Yes Yes
Creativity Yes Yes Yes
Good for Socializing Yes No Yes
Energy Boost Yes Yes Yes
Flavor Fruity, Spicy, Skunky Fruity, Citrusy, Coffee, Spicy Earthy, Fruity, Pungent, Skunky
Treats Pain Yes No Yes
Mood Booster Yes Yes Yes
Sleep Aid No Yes Yes
THC Content 22.5% 20% 25%
Indica/Sativa 60/40 60/40 60/40

Oro Blanco contains an average of 25-30% THC, which is how it gives you such a potent high. This is about 10% above the average hybrids, including both its parent strains. Its most dominant terpene is myrcene, the most common terpene you’ll find in marijuana and also the reason Oro Blanco has such a strong smell.

There’s very little CBD in Oro Blanco. One study found only about 2.5% CBD concentration, while others show little to none. However, thanks to its White Widow heritage, it also has trace amounts of CBG, or cannabigerol. This cannabinoid is proven more effective in pain management for migraines, muscle spasms, and muscle aches.


Oro Blanco has a distinct flavor, aroma, and appearance that make it iconic. Each characteristic contributes evenly to the pleasant experience you’ll have when you smoke it.


The Oro Blanco strain’s unique heritage gives it a flavor that’s tough to pin down. A single puff will offer up notes of earthiness and fruit. Specifically, you’ll probably notice hints of pineapple and other tropical fruits that turn a bit earthy and bitter on the exhale. The bitterness might lead to a bit of dry mouth, so it wouldn’t hurt to have some water on hand, just in case.


When you take a whiff of Oro Blanco, you’ll get a whopping punch of skunk. The pungent smell might deter you at first, but you’ll notice a pretty decent shift once you light up. The skunky odor will give way to a more fruity aroma that’s far more pleasing to the nose.

That said, it won’t be easy to keep it concealed, so if your neighbors aren’t crazy about the smell, you might want to keep it inside.


An Oro Blanco bud will be a dark olive color with hints of purple. You’ll also see flashes of orange woven throughout. The full bud will be coated in resin, giving it a sticky texture. You’ll most likely need a grinder to break it apart because the resin can be pretty stubborn.



Oro Blanco’s benefits can be traced directly to its parent strains, White Widow and Himalayan Gold. Specifically, the balance of energizing side effects and the overall feeling of euphoria you’ll experience when you smoke either of those make the perfect mix for a strain like this.

Some of the specific effects you’ll notice are:

  • Euphoria
  • Improved focus
  • Relaxation
  • Decreased social anxiety
  • Increased talkativeness
  • Feelings of inspiration

You’ll notice an abundance of positivity as your high starts to settle. First, your ability to focus and carry on a great conversation will skyrocket. Next, you’ll get hit with a feeling of euphoria that’ll help stamp out any lousy mood that might be lingering.

In addition to the helpful emotional side effects, you’ll also find that Oro Blanco has a few medical benefits. Specifically, you can use Oro Blanco to address some of these common ailments:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Migraines
  • Muscle pain, or spasms

Stress management is one of the most common ailments Oro Blanco can help curtail. However, this strain is excellent as an overall mood booster. It can also help relieve certain physical pain and ease your mind into a peaceful slumber.

Potential Side Effects

Although Oro Blanco is considered an ideal strain for all of the previously listed issues, there are, of course, some side effects you’ll want to be aware of. The most common negative effects you’ll run across are dry mouth and dry eyes, which anyone who’s ever smoked can tell you to expect.

However, if you landed a particularly strong batch or took a few too many puffs, you could plummet off the cliff of euphoria and straight into lethargy. In addition, smoking a bit too much could lead to minor feelings of paranoia.



The first Oro Blanco buds came from the White Widow and Himalayan Gold, but you won’t need to worry about cross-breeding to get your own Oro Blanco plant. It’s pretty easy to grow, so Oro Blanco’s a good choice for your first plant if you’re just starting.

Oro Blanco plants are typically pretty short in stature, rarely hitting 2 feet tall, making them perfect for indoor cultivation. Aside from sunlight, you won’t need to give this one too much TLC, especially if you live in a warmer locale and can grow your plants outdoors.

The typical flowering season for Oro Blanco lasts about 7-9 weeks, and you can easily yield up to 500 grams per square meter. Each plant will have a high number of resin-coated buds.

Just be forewarned that these plants smell. In other words, it’ll be pretty hard to hide it from the neighbors if you plan to cultivate outdoors.

Since this plant is so productive, it’s ideal for selling. You’ll get multiple harvests annually that require minimal effort, so it’s a worthwhile strain to grow if you sell or own a dispensary.

Wrap Up

The Oro Blanco strain has a reputation for offering a potent high that transcends what you’ll get from other strains. Anyone who’s smoked it will tell you to give it a shot because it’s so versatile. Oro Blanco will have you covered whether you need to destress, get the creative juices flowing, or shut down your social anxiety.

You’ll be able to find Oro Blanco anywhere you can legally buy marijuana; an important factor to consider if you wondering is weed legal in DC. There are online dispensaries, medical dispensaries, and commercial dispensaries all over. If you’re in the D.C. area, you can check out a weed map to find the best strains around.

However, since marijuana isn’t legal to sell in every state (even in those where it’s been decriminalized), you’ll run into trouble if you try to bring it in from out of state.

If you want to buy, check out the laws in your state, then see what facilities are available in your area. Just remember that transporting marijuana across state lines is a federal offense, even if both states don’t consider it a crime.

Prices for Oro Blanco will vary depending on where you purchase it and how much you buy. However, if you’re ordering online, you should expect to pay a minimum of $120 for an ounce. You can buy it pre-rolled or loose.


Related Questions

Is There a Difference Between Blanco and Oro Blanco Strains?

Although they share a similar name, these two strains are quite different. Specifically, Blanco has a buttery, woody flavor, whereas the Oro Blanco strain is more fruity and earthy. Blanco aids with inflammation, while Oro Blanco is better for migraines and muscle aches. Finally, Blanco’s dominant terpene is Caryophyllene, and Oro Blanco’s is myrcene.

Is Oro Blanco a Trippy Strain of Marijuana?

If you’re looking for a trippy high, you’re better off choosing a different strain. The Oro Blanco strain is known for its clean, euphoric high that decreases anxiety and increases focus. In other words, it’s more geared toward kick-starting your day than taking a trip to close your day out.

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