No Toke in VA: What Are the Four Best Dispensaries in Richmond?

Four Best Dispensaries in Richmond

Richmond, Virginia, has been hosting fast-growing dispensaries that retail the best medical cannabis products and accessories. These facilities are identifiable by their attractive-looking, tasteful packages that are well marked and displayed.

Keep scrolling down and discover where to find the best dispensaries in Richmond Virginia.

What Are the Four Best Dispensaries in Richmond?

  1. THE Dispensary
  2. Green Leaf Dispensary
  3. NFused Cannabis Boutique
  4. Deep Six CBD

1. THE Dispensary

While they’re also considered Wisconsin’s first dispensary, THE Dispensary has since opened several locations across Virginia, including Richmond. Their current selection in Virginia includes both Delta-8 THC products as well as Delta-10 THC products.


What helps set this dispensary apart from some of the competition is just how large their selection is – their current Delta-8 products include edibles in cookie, gummy, and chocolate form. THE dispensary specifies that their edibles, including their cookies, are all made in-house to make sure you’re getting a quality, consistent product every single time.

But if you’re looking for a wider selection of flavors – and strengths – this dispensary offers the most variety with their edible gummies, such as:

Flavor Strength (in Milligrams)
Fruit Punch 100mg
Peach Mango Lemonade 100mg
Blue Raspberry 200mg
Apple Pear 200mg
Grape 500mg
Pino Colada 500mg
Reserve Label 1,000mg

If you’re not a fan of edibles, THE dispensary also includes options for Delta-8 vaporizers, like cartridges and disposables. There’s no shortage of cartridge flavors either – there’s everything from classic flavors like watermelon extract to a wedding cake and red velvet cake strains.

Of course, like most dispensaries, you can also buy Delta-8 flower as well, and here’s what the cannabis company has to say about how they measure and offer flower strains:

“We currently offer 12 different strains of flower. We offer these strains to be weighed out into1-Gram, 3.5-Grams, 7-Grams, 14-Grams, 1-Ounce (28-Grams), 2-Ounces (56-Grams), or can be offered in a 1-Gram Pre-rolled form.”

One interesting thing to note about this Richmond-based dispensary is where they source their products from. All their Delta-8 and Delta-10 products come from their parent company, Hemp4Heroes, which honors servicemen and women with their hemp products.

Ultimately, what ranks this dispensary so high on the list of the best dispensaries in Richmond Virginia is their consistent, in-house quality and their large selection of products. Whether you’re looking to buy another cartridge or extract or stock up on edibles, you can likely find what you’re looking for here.

2. Green Leaf Dispensary

As the second marijuana dispensary to open in the state of Virginia, Green Leaf Dispensary, or gLeaf, officially opened its doors on 2804 Decatur Street in South Richmond, VA in 2021.


While there’s been plenty of hype surrounding Green Leaf’s opening for several years, the actual store took time to set up since they use lab-tested marijuana that’s locally-grown in Richmond.

However, the dispensary has other locations in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, with plans to open more locations throughout Virginia and other states. While their Richmond menu includes products for flower, extracts, and edibles, their biggest selection are their vapes.

Green Leaf also doesn’t just categorize their products by strength – they’ve got separate categories based on what you’d like to achieve with your extract or edible, such as:

  • Relaxed
  • Pain-Free
  • Blissful
  • Sleepy
  • Hungry
  • Creative
  • Not High
  • Energetic

This makes it easier for both online and in-store customers to sort through the options and end up with cannabis products that are well-suited for their needs, whether that’s creativity or chronic pain.

Another interesting thing that sets Green Leaf Medical dispensary apart is their return policy for medical cannabis. While some dispensaries don’t offer returns or exchanges once you’ve bought the product, gLeaf does allow returns in specific circumstances, such as:

  • Returns and exchanges will only be accepted within 30 days of purchase.
  • Batteries, devices and accessory returns will be accepted within 90 days of purchase.
  • Refunds and exchanges will only be offered for defective cartridges, such as those that are leaking, not pulling, or have a chemical taste.
  • Refunds and exchanges for flower will only be offered if the package is contaminated with a non-cannabis product, such as hair or piece of debris.
  • Refunds/exchanges must be approved by the manager/pharmacist on duty prior to being processed.
  • Returns will not be accepted based on effects or feeling preferences.
  • In the event of a dispensing error or recall a refund or exchange must be offered.
  • Discounts may be given at manager/pharmacist discretion.
  • Once you have left gLeaf property a return can’t be done unless you have already gone through the email process.
  • Return/exchange requests will only be accepted in store, no returns will be accepted through a delivery order.

They also specify that their return policy needs to start online – if you do need to return a product, you’ll need to email a picture to them first, wait for approval, and then bring in your product for an exchange or return.

3. NFused Cannabis Boutique

While it may call itself a “boutique,” NFused’s small, local, and stylish cannabis shop has more than earned itself a spot in the best dispensaries of Richmond Virginia list. The dispensary prides itself on offering high-quality bud that comes through an extensive list of top suppliers, and as a result, they’ve got a pretty extensive product list to sort through.


Like many dispensaries, you’ve got the option to purchase online and pickup at the store or just do all your shopping in-store. Their biggest variety of products are their edibles – which you can purchase as assorted gummies, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, or even honey. There’s also no shortage of strengths to choose from either.

While some dispensaries may only have 100mg, 200mg, and 500mg options, NFused offers more specific options, like 40mg, 65mg, 250mg, and more. Outside of edibles, you’ll also find options for concentrates, cartridges, pre-rolls, and flower too.

Since they encourage customers to purchase products through their online ordering system, NFused has also put a lot of focus on ensuring they’ve got great customer support too. For many dispensaries, getting any kind of help during the purchasing process requires picking up the phone or even going into the store, but that’s not the case here.

NFused’s online customer support is available around the clock, and while they don’t specify their return policy, they do provide this message on their site:

Your trust and satisfaction are our top priority, and our customer support team is here to help 24/7. If you have any questions, comments, or other inquiries, feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to provide you with any assistance you need. We want our customers to shop with satisfaction. If you have any issues with your purchase, just contact us and we will find a way to make things right.

Besides their emphasis on their satisfaction guarantee and customer support, NFused also includes weekly deals on their site for each day of the week.

4. Deep Six CBD

Since 2013, Deep Six CBD has been striving to provide affordable, high-quality CBD and Delta-8 THC products to their customers. While they started as a small store in Philadelphia, they’ve since grown to Virginia after the Farm Bill passed. Their location in Richmond is still a new venture, with their doors opening in 2021. While they cannot offer full THC products, their selection of Delta-8 and CBD alternatives is expansive.


For their Delta-8 edibles, Deep Six’s selection primarily centers around gummies, cereal bars, and syrups. One interesting product that this dispensary has that you won’t find with a lot of other Richmond dispensaries is that they offer CBD tinctures for pets. These hemp supplements are specifically crafted with pets in mind, and use enticing flavors like bacon, peanut butter, and tuna.

Outside of edibles and tinctures that you can give to your pets, they’ve got a decent selection of Delta-8 THC vape cartridges, oil tinctures, and CBD topicals. Ultimately, Deep Six’s best selection is probably their CBD topicals – if you’re looking for topical ointments, soaps, or creams that you don’t want to ingest, their product line-up is more extensive than a lot of other dispensaries.

This is also another dispensary that places a lot of emphasis on their online customer support. Not only do all their online orders come with free shipping, but they encourage online customers to reach out if they have a question. They’ve got a phone number and email you can use, but there’s also a way to ask questions through an online form they provide too.

While they may not match up with full dispensaries in Richmond, if you’re looking for alternatives like Delta-8, Delta-10, or just CBD oil, you won’t beat their selection of these alternative products.

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Still have questions about the best dispensaries in Richmond, Virginia? Here’s what you should know.

What are some highly rated dispensaries in Richmond, VA?

Some of the most highly-rated dispensaries in Richmond include THE dispensary and gLeaf medical – each one has hundreds of reviews on Google and high ratings from previous customers.

Can I go to a dispensary without a card in Richmond, VA?

Currently, no, you cannot purchase from a dispensary in Richmond (or the state of Virginia) if you don’t have a medical marijuana card. While lawmakers are working towards making the sale of recreational marijuana legal, it hasn’t happened yet – and while it could be as soon as summer 2022, it could also take as long as 2024 too.

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