Introducing the 5 Best NYC Smoke Shops!

5 Best NYC Smoke Shops!

Many people wrongly assume that, with the legality of marijuana in certain states across America, head shops in the US would take a hit. After all, many dispensaries sell the same smoking products—pipes, papers, grinders, lights, and more. Why would someone need to hit up a separate shop?

But, in fact, the opposite is true! Head shops represent a massive market, with sales doing nothing but surging. A 2013 report shows us that smoke shops reaped about $10 billion in revenue.

The same can be said for NYC smoke shops, which are booming and thriving and popping up all over the city. So, whether you’re a resident or a tourist, you might be curious about which ones are the best. As you take your long walk to meet friends for lunch, what Brooklyn smoke shop should you spend your money in?

We break down the many, many options in this convenient top-five list. For all your smoking needs, these shops have got you covered.


1. Village Grannies 

This smoke shop, which boasts the perfect mix of friendliness and classiness, is run by two self-proclaimed “grannies” of 56 and 60. Their products run the gamut, from colorful, vibrant glass pipes to animal-shaped products that depict horses and giraffes. It’s safe to say they make the smoking experience a tiny bit more fun.

Inside the store, you’ll find a cozy couch decorated with hand-sewn pillows, hookahs on the floor, and bowls hung up by strings for decoration. This store makes the buying process much less intimidating, with its two owners willing and able to help you choose anything you need.

2. Sunflower Pipes

This head shop is the best Brooklyn smoke shop you’ll find—and the locals can attest to that.

Featuring so many glass displays you won’t know where to begin, their place is packed to the brim with everything you need to hit the pipe after a long day at work. They’ve got unique, hand-blown glass, crystal pipes, the most dugouts and grinders you’ve ever seen, and of course, storage containers for your precious flowers.

While you’re there, take a look at their extensive selection of hookahs and Native American-inspired jewelry.

3. Higher Standards

If you’ve got high standards (we’ll let you decide if we mean that literally or figuratively), then this NYC smoke shop is the one for you.

Higher Standards is interested in making the smoking experience more upscale, classy, and innovative. They offer specialty accessories, maintenance products that keep your smoking gear in tip-top shape, and even its own branded line of supplies.

Their store is large, accommodating all the smoking aficionados in New York City. With fun souvenirs (marijuana leaf pillow anyone?), rarely-seen smoking devices, and books on books, you won’t leave this smoke shop empty-handed. Oh, and of course, there’s plenty of bong-buying to be had.

4. The Smoking Shop

Whether you’re a vaper or a smoker, The Smoking Shop has got you covered (and with a name like that, who can expect any differently?). Featuring the latest vapes, as well as plenty of high-end glass to choose from, you’ll find what you need at one of New York City’s most beloved head shops.

Some of their go-to brands include household favorites such as Roor, Sheldon Black, Medicali, Juul, and Pax. They also regularly get in new shipments, allowing them to feature different glass artists. So, if you don’t find what you’re looking for on the first trip, come back regularly for updates.

In addition to their several different options, they’ve got affordable prices, making it a smart place to shop for budget-conscious individuals and lovers of luxury alike.

5. Blue Nile

This shop claims to be the best smoke shop in New York City, but we’ll let you decide that!

They boast not only a fantastic selection of supplies and products but prices that are unbeatable, too. That’s certainly going to make it a top contender on any “best of” lists. Blue Nile truly is a local favorite, winning several awards in the area, including 2019’s “Manhattan’s Best Of” accolade and the coveted “Best Head Shop” by NYC staple, the Village Voice.

What can you find when you step into this head shop?

First, their selection comes from both America and Europe, giving buyers the best of both worlds. They’ve got oil rigs, vape pens, hand pipes, and all the latest in concentrate technology. They also feature well-known brands such as Illadelph and HVY, and Hi Si, so everyone from the newbie smoker to the advanced connoisseur can find something they like within its four walls.

Which of These NYC Smoke Shops Will You Pay a Visit?

New York City has no lack of options. Whether it’s food, beer, cocktails, coffee, museums, parks, or head shops, you’ve got many wonderful choices.

Sometimes, though, too many choices can get overwhelming. That’s why we created this convenient list of the best NYC smoke shops currently serving up smoking products galore. You’ll get anything you need, from watermelon-flavored Juicy Jay’s to glass-blown pipes and more.

To peruse even more smoke shops, click here. We let you filter your results by things such as hours, availability, delivery, and proximity. You can’t go wrong using our accessible service!

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