How Long Does Weed Stay Good?


Let’s paint a picture. You’re home from work after a long day and you’ve been looking forward to rolling up a joint a blunt to relax for the rest of the day. But, as you scramble around the house trying to find some weed, you happen to stumble upon some in a container pushed off to the side. You start to wonder, is this weed good?

How long has it been there? Does weed go bad? If it can go bad, how long does it last? What does it mean if you smoke weed that is not fresh? Stay tuned for an overview of how long weed stays good, how to determine whether or not the weed is fresh, and if you can smoke “bad weed.”

How Long Does Weed Retain It’s Smell, Flavor, And Potency?


So, the first thing to point out is that if you have your weed stored properly in the right container, it will last a lot longer. However, if you did not store your weed correctly, this could cause your weed to start “going bad,” which means it becomes less potent and might not taste as good as it once did.

If your weed was properly harvested, prepared, and stored then it could last anywhere from 6 months or a year. If you are stellar at storing your weed and don’t mind if some of the original flavor and potency starts to fade away, weed can last as long as two years.

But let’s be honest, the average stoner does not have the proper air temperature-controlled containers that could keep the weed as fresh as possible. Storing it in a mason jar or a container, like the ones you receive at dispensaries, is still the route to go, but it is not as effective at maintaining freshness from a controlled container.

So, your best bet is to smoke the weed within 6 months of purchasing it for the best high.

How Do You Determine Good Weed From Bad?

So now that you know how long weed typically stays fresh, how do you determine the freshness of your bud? Check for mold and take note of the place you are storing your weed, make sure it is not too humid or moist. Both of those are conditions for mold to grow and that is a surefire way to waste weed.

Another way you can check whether your weed is fresh is by trying to break down the bud. If it completely crumbles into dust, it is probably a little too old and won’t have the greatest potency.

There is also a distinct smell that fresh weeds give off. The scent is more potent and it will either smell fruity or gassy, but it will smell pleasant and fresh. If you have good quality, fresh weed the container might not even be enough to contain the smell and freshness.

Can You Still Smoke “Bad Weed?”


Now, what do you do if you determine you have “bad weed?” Can you still smoke it? Short answer, yes you can. But, it will not taste all that great and the potency would be lacking compared to how it was if it were fresh.

Smoking older weed won’t make you sick unless there is mold found on the weed. Some signs there is mold on your weed include:

        • Discolored spots
        • White, fuzzy mold
        • Pungent smell that is not cannabis.

Smoking moldy weed can cause you to be sick or worse, so stay clear!

If you are worried about your weed going bad, make sure to invest in the proper storage for your weed to ensure it retains its smell, potency, and appearance. Storing your weed in a cool, dark, and dry location is the surefire way to maintain the longevity of your tree. If you properly store and care for your weed, it will last longer and the high will be more enjoyable.

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