How Good Is the Mob Boss Strain?

Mob Boss Strain

If you are looking for a cannabis strain that will knock your socks off then the Mob Boss Strain might be the strain for you. Renowned for its potency and heavy resin production, this strain is not for the faint of heart.

If you are planning on growing this strain, or if you want to try it out for yourself, then stay tuned. This article dives into the Mob Boss Strain and explores everything you need to know about it including some background information, growing tips, and its range of prominent effects. If you can get your hands on this strain, and you’re prepared for the hard-hitting explosion of effects, then you won’t regret it.

The Mob Boss Strain Background

The Mob Boss Strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that was created by Grindhouse Medical Seeds. With their master cultivators, they were able to create this potent strain by crossing Chemdawg and Tang Tang. Chemdawg is a hybrid cannabis strain with mysterious origins, but it has secured itself as a main staple in the industry due to the numerous successful crosses it has produced over the years. Tang Tang, on the other hand, is an energizing and uplifting sativa that exudes a sour citrus flavor with an herbal aftertaste.

It comes as no surprise then that the Mob Boss Strain would be a hit when we take a look at the marijuana strains used to create it. This strain typically tests at 20-22% THC and is not a strain that is recommended for beginners as the effects from this strain hit you hard and are long-lasting.

The Mob Boss Strain Appearance and Smell

The Mob Boss Strain produces small to medium-sized buds that have a tapered, almost cone-like shape. The buds are light green and, if cured properly, can form very dense clusters with red pistils interwoven throughout the buds. The buds are topped off with frosty, crystal-like trichomes which results in this strain being very sticky and a high resin-producing strain.

The Mob Boss Strain’s flowers and buds produce a sweet citrus smell that intoxicates the senses with hints of an herbal aroma underlying the aromatic profile; however, when you start to break down the buds, not only will your fingers be coated in a sticky resin, but you’ll be met with a strong musky odor. As you take a rip, the sweet and sour flavors of this strain will entrance your taste buds, leaving you with a pleasant aftertaste.

How To Grow the Mob Boss Strain

If you are looking to start growing this strain for yourself, there are some important things to keep in mind. Before growing any cannabis strain, review your local state laws to ensure you are following within the parameters of the law and taking into consideration any ethical guidelines set in place. Once you’ve cleared that, the next step is to procure all the necessary equipment and tools as well as setting aside the proper space to grow your cannabis. Most cannabis strains can be grown both indoors and outdoors, including the Mob Boss Strain, so it comes down to your situation and personal preferences. Numerous YouTube videos provide you with tips and tricks on how to grow cannabis both indoors and outdoors, so if you are struggling or looking for some life hacks, check those out.

When it comes to growing the Mob Boss Strain, it is highly recommended that you are an experienced grower to be able to grow this strain to its utmost potential. This strain grows both indoors and outdoors but thrives in a semi-humid climate. Like most cannabis strains, the Mob Boss Strain has a flowering period of approximately 8-10 weeks. If this strain is cured properly, you’ll be able to retain the musky, citrus aroma.

How Does the Mob Boss Strain Feel?

Depending on the phenotype of the Mob Boss Strain, there is a range of effects you might experience. Some phenotypes produce a mind-melting, hard-hitting cerebral high while others produce a lighter, more clear-headed buzz. Since this strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid, it produces an uplifting, euphoric high that culminates in a relaxed, sedative state. The potency of this strain is no joke and is not for the light of heart, so if you are newer to smoking, tread with caution and take it slow.

Due to its potency, this strain is also great for medicinal use. It is commonly used to alleviate symptoms of appetite loss, muscle tension, depression, anxiety, or stress. The Mob Boss Strain can be enjoyed at virtually any time of the day since it produces more uplifting and euphoric effects with a gentle, relaxed body high. The Mob Boss Strain is a strain that delivers hard-hitting results that are sure to leave a lasting impact, making it a staple for any true weed connoisseur. Also if you want to get your hands on some high quality Mob Boss Strain seeds here is a great place to try.

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