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AK-47 Strain: Everything You Need to Know [Is it worth a try?]

Ak 47 Strain

Few strains can truly find a compromise between the psychoactive effects of Sativa and the sedating effects of Indica, but AK-47 is one of them.

Although named after the mighty Russian rifle, the AK-47 strain does not poke holes in your head unless speaking metaphorically! Users say the strain is enjoyable and tasty, has an array of sweet flavors, and is highly potent. Despite this, the trace of Indica certainly balances out the paranoia and anxiety-inducing effects, which is something that one rarely expects in Sativa-dominant strains.

Let’s see ‌what makes this strain truly the best of both worlds.

AK-47 Strain Characteristics

The AK-47 strain is a 4-way hybrid between 3 landrace Sativas, namely the Mexican Sativa, the Thai Sativa, the Colombian Sativa, and the Afghani Indica, which results in the AK-47 strains’ 18% THC and modest 1.05 percent CBD.

The AK-47 strains’ high THC levels and moderate but potent CBD content make it a top pick for stoners and people with physical and mental ailments. Considering it’s also a Sativa-dominant hybrid, this has made it an undiluted favorite among recreational and medicinal cannabis enthusiasts, thanks to its excellent blend of sedating yet head-high inducing effects.

AK-47 is one of the best-known strains worldwide, a favorite among many, and dates back to the 1970s, with growers using blends from different strains to produce it, which also makes it one of the older strains, which some more recent ones seem to outperform in their THC-CBD content.

Considering the CBD levels are on the lower end (usually only about 1.5%), steer clear of AK-47 and find something with more even THC-to-CBD ratios if you are inclined to get swayed by high-CBD varieties.

Despite everything mentioned, AK-47 is still a top pick for any stoner looking for a magnificent head-high or someone dealing with physical pain, depression, and anxiety.

AK-47 Flavor and Aroma

This highly aromatic strain delivers a floral, sweet, earthy flavor. The flavor is faithful to the scents felt from the strain, although the floral smell is a lot more potent. While the diesel smell is clear, the taste doesn’t reflect this. Instead, the flavor is citrusy, with mellow cherries mixed in.

The bud looks reddish-purple and is very sticky and sappy compared to most strains. Buds may also appear to be frosted white, partly because of these strains’ massive THC content, which coats leaves and calyxes in brilliant crystals, otherwise known as trichomes.

Spice and piney overtones provide a powerful, unique smell when smoking this strain, described as skunky by many. However, earthy acidity makes up the dominant taste.

The strains’ flavors start with the sweet, earthy notes of Kush, being dominant midway through by spice and pine flavors, and finishing with granular woody notes.

AK-47 Effects and Usage

This strain has several health benefits, including relieving many health conditions and diseases, particularly psychological disorders such as mood swings, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and stress.

THC and CBD content varies from yield to yield, but average amounts of compounds are plentiful in the AK-47 strain. The AK-47 contains high levels of THC and a modest amount of CBD, which is why it is ideal for treating physical pain.

Taking that into account, AK-47s can provide some relief for common aches and pains, too. Despite being a favorite among stoners, the strong mind-high and full-body relaxation also aids in pain stress relief.

The psychoactive ingredients in AK-47 can feel psychedelic as well. Although, when we say psychedelic, this doesn’t mean it’ll transport you to an alternate dimension.

This psychedelic aspect makes AK-47 a top pick for people with mental health issues and stoners looking for a beautiful high. Many reported feeling an incredible sense of resolve after the high was over.

The hybrid effect from AK-47 is probably the most praised aspect of this strain, likely because there is nothing like having a nice brain buzz combined with enough relaxing effects that will send you straight into sleep after a long day.

When taken in smaller doses, the hybrid leaves you feeling sluggish, mellow, and with a case of the munchies. Fortunately for anyone who likes AK-47 or is extremely eager to give it a shot, this heavy-hitter strain of cannabis offers very few adverse side effects–other than what we usually expect when consuming marijuana.

AK-47 Cultivation

AK-47 is one of the more intensely aromatic, stinky plants you can grow. But if you can get over that pungent odor, this strain is probably one of the easiest to grow, especially for beginners.

This strain will grow in any medium but is best grown indoors, where it will regrow ten days after being cloned. Its growth is quite vigorous, and you will need to provide the plants with some support when it matures if you are planning on covering them.

Keep in mind this strain could have grown to 100 cm, but because of some problems with submersion and overfeeding, these plants remain slightly shorter, though it does not impact yields or quality. Avoiding these types of problems could lead to an overall better harvest.

This strain may be susceptible to mildew, so we recommend cultivating AK-47 in an elevated environment with adequate ventilation so that extreme humidity does not harm the plant. The AK-47 strain grows well indoors and outside, but a greenhouse setting increases the chances that you will get an abundant harvest from your AK-47 strain.

The AK-47 strain takes eight to nine weeks to flower, which is short compared with other strains and incredibly short compared to Sativa-dominant strains.

Once it has bloomed, it will yield around 14 ounces of cannabis per square foot of plant. That will be enough bud to keep any stoner occupied for a good while!

Altogether, AK-47 is an outstanding plant, with high yields and comparatively low effort. With that, we highly recommend this plant to any first-timer looking to cultivate their first cannabis plant.

Also, if you want to get your hands on some high-quality AK-47 strain seeds, here is a great place to try.

AK-47 Reviews & Where To Buy

Many reviewers cite this strain as their go-to Sativa since it keeps many of the benefits of a Sativa-dominant strain while leaving out the negatives, such as paranoia, panic attacks, and anxiety.

Because it’s so popular, you can likely find this strain at any dispensary or buy real weed online with 420VL.com. It is also widely available across Washington, DC.

Wrapping Up the AK-47 Strain

A favorite among stoners and medicinal cannabis users alike, the AK-47 strain is a cult classic, dating back to the beginning of the genetic development of cannabis in the 1970s. Despite more recent and potent strains taking their place for some, many still can’t get over this highly enjoyable and nearly psychedelic strain.

Related Questions about AK-47

Here are a few commonly asked questions relating to AK-47.

Is AK-47 top shelf?

AK-47 is a top-shelf bud, and you’re guaranteed to find it on the top shelf of any dispensary you visit, given its popularity.

Is AK-47 helpful for creativity?

There are better strains that assist with creativity, but AK-47 has been reported to help with it occasionally. But, mostly, AK-47 gives you an uplifted, peaceful, and highly euphoric high, so I would recommend finding something else if you’re looking to spark your artistic mind.

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