Herbal Alternatives: One of DC’s Best Dispensaries

Herbal Alternatives

annabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Current projections predict that Americans alone will be spending $34 billion annually on Cannabis by 2024.

Cannabis has been revolutionizing everything from medicine to tourism. Considering how hard the 21st Century has been on a wide array of different business models and industries, this is cause for celebration. This means there’s been an explosion of Cannabis-related businesses in the wake of its legalization.

This is mostly great news for Cannabis enthusiasts. The only problem is we’re somewhat spoiled for choice. It can be a bit overwhelming to find the best dispensaries. There are nearly 200 dispensaries in Washington D.C. alone.

We’re compiling reviews of as many of the best dispensaries as we can find to help you make sense of it all. Here’s our review of Herbal Alternatives, one of the best dispensaries in the Washington D.C. area.

Herbal Alternatives Review

Keeping track of the different legalities around Cannabis across the United States is neither simple nor straightforward. Every single state has its own rules, laws, and legalities around both the use and sale of Cannabis. Of course that means that reviewing dispensaries in different states needs to focus on different criteria depending on that communities’ needs.

Focus On Natural Medicine

The first thing to keep in mind with our Herbal Alternatives review is that recreational Cannabis sales are not yet legal in Washington D.C. The laws are rather confusing and convoluted, as it’s legal to possess and use Cannabis recreationally, you just can’t sell it.

That means that DC dispensaries focus on medical marijuana. That means the best dispensary in DC should be somewhere between a botanist’s shop and a therapists clinic.

Herbal Alternatives do not disappoint in this regard. Their staff are knowledgeable to the nth degree, in both their product as well as their customers.

This is the first thing that makes Herbal Alternatives stand out as not only one of the best dispensaries in DC but the entire country – the personalized service. Their ability to make customized recommendations for their customers is one of the reasons that medical marijuana is such a revelation in the first place. These budtenders really take the time to listen to you and your particular needs.

Then they’ll help you select a strain based upon your unique requirements.

Full Menu

Of course, just because Herbal Alternatives specializes in Cannabis for medical purposes doesn’t mean their selection is limited or clinical in any regard. Herbal alternatives menu is as comprehensive and as tantalizing as any you’d find in a recreational dispensary. It might be even more extensive, as they’re so intent on delivering the most top shelf experience for their customers.

Herbal Alternatives carry the full extent of Cannabis-related products that you could ever hope for. Of course, they’ve got an impressive array of different strains of flower. That’s just the beginning, though.

Herbal Alternatives also carry some of the more futuristic Cannabis products, like concentrates. They’ve also got the old stand-bys that you dreamed of in the days before Cannabis was legal. They’re fully stocked with an arsenal of Cannabis accessories. They also have an extensive pre-roll menu.

Their menu excels in the medicinal department, however. Herbal Alternatives stocks a number of different topical CBD ointments that make this dispensary worth a visit alone if you’ve got aches and pains. There’s a reason that medical Cannabis products are blowing up faster than a helium balloon!

Easy To Order

Of course, many aspects of life have gotten more difficult and stressful during the Coronavirus outbreak. That means you won’t your herbal medicine to be as easily accessible and stress-free as possible. It would be slightly counter-intuitive and counter-productive, otherwise.

Herbal Alternatives do not disappoint in this realm, either. Their order system has been top-notch, easy-to-use, and efficient from the get-go. They’ve stepped up their ordering system even more to make their customers’ lives a little bit easier, a little bit nicer.

Once you’re set up with Herbal Alternatives, you’re given a secure online account which can be easily accessed from anywhere you can access the internet. Their online portal works nicely on mobile and desktop alike. Once you’re set up, you can easiiy and efficiently place your order online. You’ll be alerted once your order is ready and you simply have to stroll in and pick it up!

It’s even easier than ordering food online. Or trying to call in a prescription. You’ll wish that Western medicine was as up-to-date and with the times once you’ve gotten used to using Herbal Alternatives’ system.

Local Suppliers

One of the wonderful things about medical marijuana – and many other forms of plant-based medicine – is its attention to the particulars. You’re not just some statistics when you’re dealing with a homeopathic healer. You’re an actual, living person, which means they’re able to give you specific and highly targeted medical advice and care.

This same care is spent on the medicine itself. It’s not just treated like some anonymous filler to be swept into capsules, along with who knows what else. Each plant is given the same respect and attention as the patients.

This holistic approach to medicine is not only healthy for medical patients but also their communities. Herbal Alternatives spends a great deal of time and effort on sourcing the best local growers for their dispensary. This keeps the resources in the community, as well, creating one vibrant, healthy ecosystem!

Cannabis is only going to keep getting more popular and more important as it becomes more accepted and accessible. Supporting excellent dispensaries like Herbal Alternatives in Washington D.C. will help create the infrastructure for those changes to happen.

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Cannabis has been blowing up at an incredible rate now that it’s becoming more established and accepted. It’s a golden age for Cannabis lovers and appreciators, with incredible new products and dispensaries popping up all the time.

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