Everything You Need to Know About the Glookies Strain

Glookies Strain

Whether you live in the great city of D.C. or are just stopping by, many dispensaries are at your disposal. During your stay, you ought to try the Glookies strain, which is quickly rising in popularity for its easy-going ability to put its users at ease. Read on to see what makes it so popular!

Glookies strain gives a relaxing experience, unable to be captured by any other strain. Built with blocks of the greatest characteristics of strain from Gorilla Glue 4 and Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies, the Glookies strain is a unique, up-and-coming strain to make stress take a hike.

There’s a reason this strain is catching on so fast; read on to see the breakdown of this relatively new strain and how it might become one of your favorites. Invite yourself to try something new you’ll never regret!


The Origin of the Glookies Strain

The Glookies strain is a recent hybrid of two previous strains, Gorilla Glue 4 and Thin Mint Girl Scout cookieThis composition results in a dominant Indica strain, with 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. THC thrives at 25%, and there is 1% of cannabidiol or CBD.

While the combination of the two-parent strains may feel odd, the Glookies strain has strong outstanding genetics that made it rise in popularity. The Glookies strain is distinctive and will work miracles for those falling prey to stress and other mental ailments that might make it hard to sleep at night, relax, or focus on the tasks at hand.

Glookies Strain and the Senses

The Glookies strain name is perfect to describe the experience – a beginning taste of diesel and nuts, a sweet, nutty cookie flavor prevails to match the name. A hint of spice stands out, accredited to its father strain, Gorilla Glue 4. Also present is the thin lime taste from its Girl Scout Cookie parent strand.

The additional chocolatey aroma that trails it makes it extra tantalizing.

The Glookies strain also looks cool if we judge weed by its cover. The Glookies strain has bright neon green nuggets, dark olive leaves, and thin orange hairs. It looks as one would expect, promising effects you’ll never truly guess. Amber crystal trichomes help enhance the special diesel, nutty and spicy taste and smell that will drive you wild in the best way.

Taste Flavor Aroma
Diesel, Nuttiness Chocolatey Earthy, Diesel Aroma
Lime Citrus Spicy, Gentle
Earthy, Pine Sweet, Nutty Cookie

To sum up, the Glookies strain carries the same delicious taste and smell as its predecessors and creates a new twist using the strongest hints and flavors from both the Gorilla Glue 4 strain and the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies strand. The remix is exhilarating, as is the adrenaline rush and dopamine you’ll get from it.


What It Will Do

Some of the wonderful effects of the Glookies strain is its ability to stifle anxiety and tension.

The Glookies strain is said to be a “warm head-based euphoria to a tingly full-body buzz.” With long-lasting effects, this strain is perfect to coax you into a long, restful sleep after a long chaotic day. At the beginning of the high, you’ll first feel light and energized, ready for anything.

It, in short, will make you feel super, as said by Barney’s seeds, the strain’s first distributor. The Glookies strain can serve simultaneously as a depressant and stimulant; it encourages sleepiness and relaxation while also inspiring vitality and energy and actively improves mood and energy.

While the feelings shift and change as the effects wear on (towards the end, drowsiness usually occurs) it still delivers strong sensations that disrupt and dispel the uncomfortable side effects created by your mental ailments or physical pains. It creates a strong relief that lasts hours, unlike anything else.

Whether you feel continuously motivated and uplifted or just a comfortable perception that will help tuck you in a night, the Glookies strain causes powerful symptoms bound to be enjoyed.

The Glookies strain also helps replace your anxiety and toil with feelings of euphoria, happiness, and energizing motivation.

Creativity can spark after your stress makes an exit which makes the strain special. Since it’s not super strong, it is just enough to allow you to unwind and embark on whatever you would like to do without getting too distracted.

This strain is also great because it helps you focus- you can do the stuff you want to do after a long day of work. While you might be too sleepy to summon the energy to do what you want or feeling too stressed to focus on what you want, the Glookies strain can remedy that so you can still achieve it, even after a long and stressful day.

The Glookies strain is ideal for treating ADD, anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, PTSD, and stress. It is an intense strain, so it is best to pace yourself, especially if a user is new and unfamiliar with marijuana.

A single hit will be enough to deliver the relaxation or inspiration you’ve been seeking!

If you forego waiting before a second or third hit, you will likely be in some trouble as a single hit lasts hours. Just remember to try taking things slow, whether you are new or a well-seasoned user- the Glookies strain is a low and easy-going drug and does not require much to give you those magical results.


How It’s Grown

Growing the Glookies strain is a project best undergone by experienced growers.

The Glookies strain is an indoor growth plant and should be approached with a mainlining growth technique. By germinating the seeds in Rockwool cubes, planters can easily control the nutrients compared to the soil technique.

With two varying lights, 450 watts at the vegetative and 200 watts at the flowering stage, the Glookies strain will flourish. A 50 sq ft of space will give enough space for the strains to grow properly and after 9-10 weeks, there will be approximately 8 oz to smoke. Having enough space will ensure a larger yield and stronger effects.

The Glookies strain seeds can be expensive, at $98.58 for ten seeds. Planters will also need to invest in fertilizer for your plants, as it encourages stronger and larger specimen yield. There are different types for each growing stage, so one will need to research to determine which one you think is the best.

Where To Try

The Glookies strain was first created by Barney’s farm, which is a strong and popular global seed provider. Barney’s farm even likens it to the Avengers, saying that would be its title had it been grown by Marvel Studios.

The Glookies strain has been said to be very calming and hits smoothly.

“Calm, yet spacey euphoria” is another way someone described the strain. It delivers insane pleasure without making you go insane, which makes it different from other strains.

You can easily purchase the Glookies strain here in Washington D.C. where it’s completely legal for medical needs. Consider utilizing delivery if you don’t want a visit to the dispensary as part of your sightseeing, or come down and see other options available if you think you’ll find more to like.

Baked DC, District Connect, and Exotic Blooms private reserve are a few dispensaries in the area that have Glookies strains for sale. Remember that the time of year matters too; around October will have the most available for purchase if where you buy from has outside Glookie strains.

If interested in trying your hand at growing, you can purchase seeds from Herbies Seeds. As with all strains, it takes time, energy, and patience to grow any marijuana. Be sure that the strain is approved in your town and do extra research before you start growing.


Final Thoughts: Glookies Strain

If you suffer from stressful anxiety, insomnia, and other ailments, the Glookies strain might be the answer. A single hit will deliver the relief you need, with a delicious taste and smell to bring you a delightful euphoria. Find yourself reinvigorated and refreshed with Glookies!

Related Questions

Here are some of the most common questions regarding glookies strain.

How often can I smoke the Glookies strain?

It is safe to smoke the Glookies strain every day if needed. Be advised that any more than a single hit each time will send you spinning. It costs about $10-$15 per gram and up to $215 per ½ ounce. So if you can afford to, you can smoke every day for a calm and motivated mind.

Does it matter that the THC levels are so low?

You might be skeptical after seeing how low the THC levels are – while some Glookies strands can range to about 25%, others usually stagger between 15%-19%. Rest assured that the THC will deliver a high you know you’ll enjoy; new users are cautioned to take it easy because otherwise, they’ll experience a larger first-time high than they would’ve wanted.

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