Frosty Gelato Strain Is One You Must Try

Frosty Gelato Strain

A newer strain to hit the DC weed scene is another Cali exotic strain known as Frosty Gelato. This strain is a cross between the Brain Damage landrace strain and the world-famous Gelato strain. It’s named after its exceptionally frosted appearance, though it still packs a powerful punch of potency, mouth-watering flavors, and an excellent mix of effects that make it a perfect strain for just about any time of day. Here’s everything you need to know about the Frosty Gelato strain.


Frosty Gelato Strain Background

Frosty Gelato is a 65/35 sativa-dominant hybrid. It was originally bred by Growers Choice seeds when they took the famous Sherbinski Gelato and crossed it with their cut of Brain Damage. Brain Damage is a mix of skunky landrace strains and unknown genetics that offer a good mix of effects, while Gelato is a 50/50 hybrid heir to the Girl Scout Cookies throne. Frosty Gelato first made its appearance at the Highlife Cup in 2018 where it took home 1st place in the skunk-strain category.

Frosty Gelato Strain Appearance

As the name would imply, the Frosty Gelato strain takes on a very silvery appearance thanks to the thick blanket of trichomes that cover the flowers and colas. She grows tall and steady with deep, dark green to purple water leaves. However, her colas are on the larfier side — they tend to be lighter and airier, though still pretty huge. The flowers are lightly packed and football-shaped, ranging in color from a light yellowish green to a deep sage with orange and red pistils throughout. However, plants allowed to grow in a cooler environment tend to display a range of green and royal purple hues underneath the thick white trichome coat.

Frosty Gelato Strain Grow Guide

Right now, Frosty Gelato is only available from Growers Choice as auto-feminized seeds. The plants themselves are more sativa-dominant in structure. They tend to grow taller with long stalks versus shorter and bushier. To keep her frow growing past the lights, early training is required to prevent the plant from growing to an unmanageable size. She will also require a fair bit of trimming, as she likes to mass-produce foliage before flipping into flower. All in all, she’s a pretty hardy strain and not really more susceptible than your average strain to powdery mildew, mold, and other pests. You can expect to pull around 1 lb of flower per 3 feet of growing space every 8 to 10 weeks.

Frosty Gelato Strain Aroma

While Frosty Gelato offers a ton of sweet and bakesale-esque flavors, it gets its scent profile from its Brain Damage parent. As the offspring of a bunch of landrace strains, she takes on an extremely pungent skunky aroma. During the grow cycle, she has the power to overpower a room with a deep, dank earthy sourness. The skunk aroma is delicious. However, when the flowers are dried and broken open, some of those herbal and citrusy fruit notes make an appearance. Frosty Gelato has been compared to a deep, dank, fruit punch.

Frosty Gelato Strain Flavor

As a Gelato offspring, Frosty Gelato takes on a sweet and cakey flavor. While dank earth and skunk are the most prevalent scents, the taste is more like the Gelato parent. It has a refreshing herbaceous flavor that takes on a bright fruity zest on the aftertaste. On the inhale, you’re hit with a mouth-watering fruit blast that can be reminiscent of a sweet fruit punch. It’s overall quite sweet and refreshing with notes of smokey pepper and herbs in the smoke. The aftertaste is very fruity and dessert-like, leaving a pleasant mix between rich dankness and citrus fruits on the tongue after the exhale.

Frosty Gelato Strain Effects

As a sativa-dominant hybrid, Frosty Gelato offers a great mix of mental effects and physical effects. You can expect to experience a notably focusing and energizing mental effect that promotes an uplifted and blissful euphoria that lasts for hours. On the other hand, it offers a few benefits to the physical body in the form of muscle relaxation, appetite stimulation, and a soothing effect on the mind. These mild indica effects help keep the sativa energy bright and uplifting without turning into anxiety or paranoia. All in all, the strain is a great daytime high that can keep you motivated and moving, or be used in the afternoon for stress relief and relaxation. Like almost all cannabis strains, Frosty Gelato does have a few side effects including cottonmouth and dry eyes. Novice users and people with a lower tolerance for THC may also experience anxiety when using this strain.

Frosty Gelato Strain Medical Uses

Weighing in at roughly 25-30% THC, Frosty Gelato is a powerhouse when it comes to pain management. This heavy dose of THC helps with a variety of ailments, including physical pain, fatigue, lack of appetite, and headaches. However, the high is more sativa-leaning. This strain is best used for clinical depression and conditions that make it difficult to focus, such as ADD or ADHD. It can help improve your mood, boost creativity and energy, and make it easier to eat and relax.

Frosty Gelato Strain Review

All in all, Frosty Gelato is newer on the scene but gaining a ton of popularity for its amazing flavors, loud aromas, and great mix of medical uses and effects. Since growing is legal in DC, you can pick up a few auto-feminized Frosty Gelato seeds directly from the breeder and start your own crop with guaranteed female plants. If we had to give this strain a star rating, it would be a perfect 5 across all boards for its ease in cultivation, amazing scent and flavor profile, balanced recreational uses and medical effects, and of course, it’s out-of-this-world frosted appearance. The next time you see it available through an I-71 compliant gift exchange or delivery service in the DC area, be sure to try a sample. It may become your new favorite strain. Also if you want to get your hands on some high quality Frosty Gelato Strain seeds here is a great place to try.

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