Enjoy A Tropical Vacation With the Banana Hammock Strain

Banana Hammock Strain

Looking for something to transport your senses to where the sunny beaches and coconut trees are? Look no further than the Banana Hammock strain, known for its potency and tropical fruit flavors. This hybrid strain is at the top of our must-try list if you’re looking for a chill, mellow high, and relaxing day of leisure.

What Is the Banana Hammock Strain? 

The Banana Hammock strain is a 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid strain. It was first cultivated by Ethos in Colorado and is one of their more recent creations as breeding professionals. While it’s new on the scene, it has surged in popularity all over the country for its happy effects and relaxing experience. It earned its namesake after being influenced by the way men appear when wearing a cramped swimsuit. Banana Hammock is a cross between Grape God and Mandarin Sunset checking in around 15-20% THC.

What Does the Banana Hammock Strain Look Like? 


If you’re looking for Banana Hammock, you might recognize it for its fluffy, medium-sized flowers. The buds are a unique shade of light green with golden undertones and bright orange pistils punctuated throughout. It also produces lots of trichomes, giving the buds good potency and a shimmery appearance. However, it has a higher than average amount of terpenes like Myrcene, making it feel more potent than its average potency level would reveal.

What Does Banana Hammock Smell Like?

Banana Hammock is a delight to the senses offering a fruity flavor profile and a good mellow high. On the nose, Banana Hammock has a sour citrus aroma. It’s accompanied by tropical scents like banana, pineapple, and lime as well as a pungent earthiness. Ultimately, the scent is fruity, earthy, and delicately floral. The flavor is much the same, with some more mouth-watering tastes. The first impression is of a sweet and sugary flavor like grapes.

What Is Banana Hammock’s Flavor?

The flavor inherits similarities to its aroma, but with some more mouth-watering surprises. The first impression is of a sweet and sugary flavor like grapes. The smoke itself is a lot like sweet honey, so it’s very smooth and not likely to make you cough as aggressively as many other strains. The aftertaste is very tropical with a zesty sour lime kick and a smooth honey finish.

What Are the Banana Hammock Strain’s Effects?

The effects of the strain settle in quickly, starting with a mental lift and a euphoric boost. The intense cerebral buzz can make you forget about the world. It helps melt away your stresses and racing thoughts, leaving you feeling calm and giggly. After a while, you’ll feel a tingly body high creeping through your limbs while deeply relaxing your body. Its potency can settle you into a couch-lock to end the night. In high doses, the strain is likely to carry you off to a peaceful sleep.

The combination of fragrance, flavor, and effects such as extreme joy and a relaxed state paints a picture of a beautifully calm and enjoyable Friday night or wonderful weekend getaway.

These effects coupled with a moderate THC level and terpenes like Myrcene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene make Banana Hammock a top choice for medical marijuana patients seeking relief from several ailments. Its mellow effects come highly recommended to combat stress, anxiety, depression, mood swings, physical aches, headaches, and insomnia.

Growing the Banana Hammock Strain


Banana Hammock responds well to a diverse array of cultivation methods. It is easy to grow in both indoor and outdoor settings. It is one of those plants that is a beginner-friendly strain for first-time growers, however, veterans advise against using too many nutrients. Additionally, it is unique from other plants in that it does not strive in extreme environments. No need to make sure it is too humid or risk overwatering it.

Topping is one of the most highly recommended methods because it would result in higher bud production. The SOG technique is another way to do it. This would allow you to have more crops for your space and end up with highly productive plants.

The Banana Hammock strain has a flowering stage of around 55 to 60 days. Outdoor harvesting usually is typically ready around mid-October. The average yield would be roughly 600-800 grams per m2 indoors and 800 grams per plant outside. You can add stakes to your plants or utilize support meshes so they can stand tall and grow at their maximum potential.

Where To Find the Banana Hammock Strain 

Ready to immerse yourself in a passionate blend of tropical flavors? You can find the Banana Hammock strain here in Washington DC. Use the search bar on 420VL to search for Banana Hammock near you. It’ll pull up results of local delivery services that have Banana Hammock on their menu. Just call or text the listing directly with a copy of your 21+ ID to place an order.

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