Devil Fruit Strain: Is It Worth It?

Devil Fruit Strain

Don’t let the name fool you. We assure you there is nothing particularly devilish about this funky Indica dominant hybrid strain. In fact, just the opposite is true.

Devil Fruit brings a high that is super mellow. It’s got low THC and high CBD. Usually coming in a 70/30 split favoring Indica.

In this strain review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the notorious Devil Fruit strain.

Devil Fruit StrainMeet the Devil Fruit Strain

An Indica heavy hybrid this strain averages 4% THC and 15-20% CBD according to some sources. Devil Fruit is a pleasant cross between Shishkaberry strain and Greta White Shark strain. Both parent strains are Indica forward, which explains why their offspring is too.

If you are looking for a stone bud that packs an anti-inflammatory punch, this may be the strain for you.


This strain was bred specifically to produce that high CBD content. CBD is the cannabinoid most responsible for pain management across all strains. There is a trade-off though.

As the plant matures CBD levels drop, so plants have to be harvested early to get high CBD. Which means that the flowers won’t develop as much THC. Strains with higher CBD will automatically have lower THC, you can still have both but not in equal potencies.

High CBD makes Devil Fruit strain excellent for medical purposes. It was actually bred by Medical Seeds Co for this reason.

It’s parent strain, Shishkaberry, is an Indica heavy hybrid that has up to 26% THC. It is also a potent medical strain that has become highly popular among patients.

Great White Shark is also a patient favorite. Coming in with up to 20% THC it delivers euphoria and pain relief. Both parent strains are truly knock-out Indica’s that are great for chronic pain conditions.

Our strain review found the best of each parent in the Devil Fruit strain.


As far as growing goes Devil Fruit is only moderately difficult. It is hardy enough to be grown indoors or outdoors, and both will provide you with good yields. You can expect 17 ounces of buds from indoor plants and 21 ounces from outdoor plants.

It has the makeup of your average Indica plant but it takes longer to flower because of the Sativa genes. Flowers typically take eight to nine weeks to develop. There is a fair amount of pruning involved to make sure the buds get the best light.

Is the Devil Fruit Strain Good?

Just like with people, understanding a plant’s heritage shows a small sliver of what it is. We know that its parent strains are powerhouse Indica’s with high THC, but what does the Devil Fruit strain look like, feel like or taste like?

It’s also important to keep in mind what you are looking for in a strain. Some strains are better for certain things, so knowing what you trying to accomplish will help you know which marijuana strain is the best choice.


The buds are soft and moderately sized. Rich green leaves envelop the buds, creating a pleasing mix of greens, orange pistils, and purple hues.

You’ll enjoy a nice sticky layer of resin and a spattering of white trichomes with Devil Fruit. It gives the buds an almost snow-capped look. Much like the buds of its parent strains.

Devil Fruit is definitely a pretty bud with a heavy bag-appeal.

Smell, Taste, and Effects

With cannabis, the smell is everything and Devil Fruit has strong scents of lemon and pine. But the taste is what really makes it stand out. It is sweet and very pleasing to smoke, making it a winner among true cannabis connoisseurs.

It is easy on the throat, sweet on the inhale, and slightly spicy on the exhale. It tastes the most like Shishkaberry.

The high Devil Fruit strain brings is definitely attributed to its Indica genetics. It starts out cerebral eventually cascading into a full-body high. Bringing users deep relaxation, a touch of couch-lock, and a dash of laziness.

That said it’s better suited as a wind-down toke rather than a wake-and-bake. It won’t stop you from moving but it may hinder your motivations to do so. If you’re looking for a euphoric rush and nice body-high this may be a good strain for you.

Medical Uses

Devil Fruit’s high CBD content makes it a top candidate to treat a handful of common ailments.

  1. Chronic Pain – this strain is potent as an anti-inflammatory agent and stress reliever, both contribute to chronic pain
  2. Insomnia/Sleep Disturbance – Indica’s are favored for their sleep-inducing properties. This strain helps the mind relax and can encourage restful sleep
  3. Depression – because it has high THC users enjoy a soaring bliss before dropping into deep relaxation. These factors make it useful to treat depressive states
  4. ADD/ADHD – because of the initial head-high this strain delivers people with ADD or ADHD may find it helps them maintain focus

Devil Fruit strain is certainly a powerful hybrid. But everyone will react differently to different strains based on their unique biology. So take it slow, you can always smoke more.

It can be useful to try new strains at the end of your day. That way you can gauge the effects at home first. Once you know how Devil Fruit works for you you can incorporate it into your wellness routines.

Devil Fruit Strain Review

Is Devil Fruit the best strain? If you suffer from chronic pain, insomnia, or mood disorders we’d say yes. Devil Fruit is only a devil to the pain it helps relieve. Otherwise, we’d say this strain makes fast friends with both medical and recreational users.

This Indica heavy hybrid delivers a one-two punch with a sweeping cerebral high followed by a full-body relaxation experience. Thanks to the high CBD levels and Indica lineage.

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