Cannabis Strains to Prevent Hair Loss

Cannabis Strains

In the media, it’s becoming more usual to read about groundbreaking studies or personal anecdotes regarding cannabis’s ability to ease cancer symptoms, epilepsy, PTSD, and other conditions. However, some of the advantages of cannabis remain undiscovered, such as the possibility that cannabis might aid in the battle against hair loss.


A wide range of factors can contribute to hair loss, including genetics, medications, and environmental factors. Male-pattern baldness, for example, is a fully normal occurrence brought on by advancing age or heredity. Health problems or medical treatments might cause others as a side effect. Learn how cannabis can help prevent hair loss and which strains are ideal for treating this condition by reading this article. Continue reading to learn more.


Cannabis StrainsCan Cannabis Help Prevent Hair Loss?

More study is needed to address this question conclusively, as it is with so many other aspects of medicinal cannabis. The first time that marijuana has been studied as a potential therapy for hair loss was in the 1980s.


Marijuana was examined to see if it interfered with the binding of dihydrotestosterone to androgen receptors in the journal Endocrinology in September 1980. This is the first and, as far as we know, the only research of its kind. THC and cannabidiol treated mice didn’t have DHT attach to hormone receptors, according to the study’s findings.


This study suggests that cannabis may be able to stop hair loss by reducing DHT levels and effectiveness, which is an important aspect of standard hair-loss therapies. There have been no more investigations subsequently, which is a shame.


The plant’s ability to treat hair loss may also be supported by other cannabis-related studies. Inflammation and irritation of the scalp and hair follicles have been linked to hair loss. By activating CB2 receptors, cannabis has the potential to be a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.


A 2007 research, on the other hand, suggests the inverse may be true. THC and anandamide, two endogenous cannabinoids, have been demonstrated to decrease hair growth by Telek et al.


Instead of preventing hair loss, they propose that activating CB1 cannabinoid receptors might stop undesired hair growth in its tracks. To fully grasp the impact of cannabis on hair loss, much more study is required.


Best Strains to Prevent Hair Loss

Ringo’s Grift

Cannabis users may use this sativa-dominant hybrid (60%) for stress reduction without fear of getting high, thanks to its low THC and high CBD content. When used with shatter or CBD oil, Ringo’s Gift offers an earthy taste and a refreshing minty exhale.


A cerebral high is immediately followed by a surge of euphoria that encourages users to mingle with one another. The body high eventually takes control, although couch lock is rare. However, users will experience a profound sense of well-being as a result of using it.



This is the Corazon, made in Oregon. This high-CBD strain, dubbed Yerba Buena, is descended from the ACDC strain and was purposely developed to have high average CBD concentrations.


70% of the cannabis in this strain is sativa, making it a sativa dominant hybrid. New strain with high CBD content, a cross between ACDC and Charlotte’s Web. The CBD content of this hybrid is the highest in history at roughly 22.5%, with a THC content of 2.71%. It’s a new cannabis strain that claims to reverse hair loss in its tracks.


In terms of scent, cherry, citrus, and pine are the most commonly noted. Some people compare the flavor to that of oranges, while others describe it as tart berries and herbs. There is no information available on how to grow Corazon. Fluffy oval nugs in lime green and orange with orange hairs and glittering amber trichomes are produced by fully mature plants.


Critical Mass

This hybrid hybrid strain (80%) is a cross of the well-known Afghan and Skunk #1 breeds. When it comes to CBD content, it might range from 5 percent to 22 percent. Incorporating a THC concentration of up to 22% results in an energizing strain that gradually eases the user back to sleep.


The first rush of creativity and euphoria is short-lived, as users soon begin to want the sofa and tiredness sets in. Critical Mass is a stress-relieving strain that is best enjoyed in the afternoon when you want to kick back and relax.


Cannatonic is a well-known marijuana variety, but its users aren’t interested in getting high from it, despite its intriguing name. As a result, Cannatonic users produce pain-relieving medication using the plant’s high CBD content.


Cannatonic’s relaxing effects are balanced with its ability to keep the mind alert, resulting in an uplifting high for users. Most people can discover this strain easily because it’s a cross between G-13 Haze and MK Ultra.


Valentine X

Valentine X strains range from 8% to 18% CBD, and this 50:50 cross includes just trace amounts of THC. As a strong analgesic, it is well-known for its quick-acting nature. Users claim that after just a few hits, this strain begins to work its magic.


Although the euphoric high is strong, it is not overwhelming, and consumers should experience a calmness after using this product. Valentine X’s high CBD content can also help lift your spirits and ease tension.


Sour Tsunami

Sour Tsunami is a CBD-rich, 60/40 sativa/indica hybrid from California. This CBD strain leans more towards Sativa than others. Sour Diesel, NYC Diesel, and a Californian type called Ferrari were used in the breeding process to create this new hybrid. The THC content is modest at 10%, but CBD content ranges from 11% to 13%, with some concentrations having as much as 30% CBD. One of the first strains to gain notoriety for its high CBD content is Sour Tsunami.


Due to the extremely high CBD content, it’s a must-try for medical marijuana patients. It’ll take the edge off the discomfort, but it won’t leave you utterly stoned and helpless on the sofa. This strain was produced by Lawrence Ringo of the Southern Humboldt Seed Collective to cure his personal back pain, which he claims goes away in 15 minutes after consuming Sour Tsunami.


Cannabis StrainsConclusion

For the most part, cannabis studies have come to the conclusion that certain strains are better than others at stopping hair loss. Marijuana research is currently gaining pace as a result of new legislation that legalizes cannabis while also allowing for more research to be conducted under the same rules.


When it comes to providing desired benefits like reducing hair loss, marijuana strains are quite effective. Take the time to weigh all the pros and disadvantages of each strain before committing.

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