Can Shake Weed Get You High?

Shake Weed

One of the best features of the cannabis plant is the versatility it possesses in the number of ways that it can be used as well as its plethora of medicinal and recreational benefits. Most people are familiar with extracts or concentrates, tinctures, and even edibles, but what is most people aren’t aware of is that something called shake weed was probably used in the process to obtain those substances. But, what is shake weed and can you smoke it?

For individuals interested in learning more about shake weed and how to use it, stay tuned. This article covers everything there is to know about shake weed including what it is, whether it can be smoked, and the various common applications for shake weed.

What Is Shake Weed?


Shake WeedPut simply, shake weed is the leftover weed that falls off the lush flower as it is harvested. It’s never a good idea to be wasteful and that is especially true when it comes to cannabis. Even the leftover bits of flower and smaller buds that get collected as “shake weed” can still get users high, although not quite as potent as the lush and bountiful buds collected during harvest.

Shake weed can be purchased at dispensaries at a fraction of the cost as compared to purchasing premium cannabis flower. It should be noted that shake weed is typically used to create edibles, extracts, and be added to fill larger blunts or pack bong bowls; however, it is more challenging to work with than freshly cured bud.

Can You Smoke Shake Weed? 

Shake weed, like freshly cured cannabis bud, can be smoked and incorporated into a blunt, joint, or bowl. Unlike freshly cured bud, shake weed does not hold form well, shifting and loosely packing together which makes it something that should be added into a joint, blunt, or bowl, with fresh bud. Shake weed works well being added filler to enhance potency or to roll a super large blunt or joint. But, it is possible to roll a blunt or joint entirely with shake weed?

To put it bluntly, yes it is possible to do so but it is no easy feat and takes practice working with the loose shake as compared to the sticky and easily malleable fresh bud. For individuals looking to save money or use their cannabis flower for various others things like making edibles or extracts, then shake weed is a phenomenal alternative to purchasing premium bud. Shake from premium, exotic, or top-tier strains is sometimes available at some dispensaries which tends to be more potent than the average shake weed that’s commonly sold.

Different Applications For Shake Weed

There is a diverse range of applications for shake weed which just goes to showcase how it’s important to try and use every aspect of the cannabis plant, even the leftover weed that can easily be forgotten. Among the various possibilities includes making edibles, extracts, tinctures, and so much more. Freshly cured cannabis bud can also be used in making these things, however, it can sometimes be a shame wasting perfectly good flower for making edibles or extract versus being able to smoke it and enjoy the full experience of that particular strain.



Shake weed helps to speed up the edible-making process by simply placing it on a baking sheet for decarboxylation, skipping some of the usual steps when using freshly cured bud. It should be noted that most shake weed is a compilation of various cannabis strains mixed into one, so the average THC content is nearly impossible to ascertain, so deciding on how much shake weed to use can be a little tricky to figure out.



Shake weed can also be used to help make tinctures, but, more often than not, adding in some kief or hash will help to beef up the potency. The potency can also be enhanced by using shake from top-tier cannabis strains or a blend of them.



For individuals looking to make extracts from home, shake weed provides an alternative to premium bud, especially those who are new to the game. Instead of running the risk of ruining perfectly good, top-tier bud, using shake weed will be just as effective. As another benefit, shake weed does not pose such a high risk for disastrous consequences like ruining high-quality bud.

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