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Black Ice Strain: Best of Both Worlds

Black Ice Strain

Some stoners just want the relaxation and lethargy of an indica strain but not the intense couch-lock that goes with it. The Black Ice strain is the in-between that can help you with that. This is a far cry from the more widely known “black ice” which is a thin layer of ice glazing roads that makes for some risky business. Cannabis nugs are not half as unwanted and certainly not dangerous. Keep reading to get to know this balanced cannabis strain.

What is the Black Ice Strain?

As previously stated, the strain is not like its icey counterpart; its name comes from its lineage— a cross between Black Domina and White Widow. Black Domina passes down its berry flavors while White Widow brings up the intensity, it’s a Cannabis Cup winner for a reason, and was called one of the most popular strains in the world by Popular Science magazine.

While Black Ice is not as famous, its THC levels come up at 22-24%, and its specific sleepy but euphoric experience is just as beloved by loyalists. It is an indica strain developed by The Moon Seeds farm with an indica-leaning ratio of either 70-30 or 90-10. Medical patients and recreational marijuana users alike enjoy Black Ice for a multitude of reasons.

The Black Ice Strain Profile


Black Ice Strain: Best of Both WorldsThe Black Ice cannabis plant has long leaves, carrying pale white flowers. Its nugs take inspiration from its infamous creators, Moon Seeds since these little compact ovals look just like moonstones decorated with pastel greens and subtle yellows and purples, topped off with amber hairs and white crystals.


Although its looks contrast its nickname, its blueberry fragrance pays homage to this. With a combination of floral and dessert-like scents, Black Ice is both sweet and herbal, truly the best of both worlds. From each sniff of it in the jar, you can also sense its earthy undertones, helping to bring all the smells together.


Smooth like ice, but with sweet and spicy touches on your tastebuds, this berry-reminiscent strain is an amalgamation of so many unique flavors. Each breath is filled with herbal, woody notes, with just a little bit of diesel packing a pungent punch.


Black Ice believers love its duality: it gives you that sedative sleepiness, all while building you to euphoria, and ending with an energetic bounce in your step. This is unlike most indica strains that will leave you locked to the couch, incapacitated for the rest of the night.

Although this strain is not one for a long night of tokes, the 2 hours you get from it can be very relieving and relaxing on its own. You can take it at the end of the day to complete your 24 hours of business with some calm and cool feels.

Insomniacs still reach for Black Ice even if it does not put you right to sleep. This strain is good to prepare to crawl into bed, still aware and cheerful by the end of the evening. Its heady impact is a soft one. You could experience a dry mouth, dry eyes, and some dizziness if you take too much of this strain. Don’t go taking more than usual just to go unconscious. Sometimes people also experience lower blood pressure.

A product of Moon Seeds, Black Ice offers a high yield with an impressive THC content, making this strain optimal for pain and insomnia relief.

Medicinal Effects

Black Ice’s cheerful and calming nature makes it a staple for those with stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and mood swings. Meanwhile, its pain-relieving qualities are used by those with migraines, nausea, and chronic pain. Many medical marijuana patients choose this strain for back pain, in particular, relaxing the muscles in your back and all over your body. Additionally, it can make you hungry, opted for by those with anorexia. Stoners who need help getting some sleep to choose Black Ice even if it doesn’t outright hit them because it can make you lie in bed with a smile on your face.

How to Grow the Black Ice Strain 

Black Ice StrainBlack Ice provides a medium to high yield when it comes time to harvest. Black Ice has an indoor flowering time of 55-60 days, while outdoor growers will likely be able to harvest by the end of September or early October. Though exact amounts are unknown, some online sources report medium-to-high yields to be expected during harvest.

Where to Get Your Hands On Black Ice

Black Ice has all its cards in the middle: sweet but spicy, lethargic but energetic. You’ll want some of this strain if you’re into all the medium highs and melting pot of flavors. Look no further than 420VL for your next stash addition. Select from the finest through browsing our explore page.

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