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An In Depth Review Of The Birthday Cake Strain

Birthday Cake Strain

Birthday Cake, AKA Birthday Cake Kush, is an uber-sweet cannabis strain with deeply physical relaxing effects and a generous cerebral buzz. It’s a newer strain on the scene, so we figured it would be a good idea to dive deeper into the ins and outs of Birthday Cake. In this article, you’ll learn everything there is to know about Birthday Cake Kush, including its lineage, phenotypes, smell, taste, effects, medical uses, and cultivation best practices.

Birthday Cake: Background

Birthday Cake is a named phenotype of the famous Wedding Cake strain crossed with Cherry Pie. Wedding Cake is also known as Pink Cookies, which is a named phenotype for the Triangle Mints strain, which is a cross between Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. Animal Mints is made from Fire OG and Girl Scout Cookies. They crossed Animal Mints with Girl Scout Cookies again and then introduced the Blue Power strain to the mix. Blue Power is a cross between Sour Double, Master Kush, The White, and Blue Moonshine.

All in all, Birthday Cake is made from a big cross-bred family in the Cookies domain. It’s a phenotype chosen for its indica-dominant yet balanced physical and mental effects and extremely sweet and cakey flavor. It was first propagated by Seed Junky Genetics a couple of years back.

Birthday Cake Cultivation

Growing Birthday Cake is moderately difficult. Since she’s a very sticky strain that dumps hash, she tends to be more susceptible to powdery mildew. Her flowers are also extremely dense and heavy, making it crucial for you to bend and train her stalks so she’s strong enough to support the weight. Pruning is also crucial about halfway into the veg cycle when she reaches the second tier of trellis or netting so that she begins to focus more on flower production rather than foliage. Other than that, she grows pretty quickly and is ready to harvest after 7-9 weeks. Just make sure to keep an eye on humidity levels to avoid problems with mildew.

Birthday Cake Appearance

Before harvest, Birthday Cake is a beauty. She grows short and wide in typical indica fashion and displays deep, dark green water leaves during the veg cycle. Healthy plants will take on a so-green-it’s-almost-blue coloration. As she flowers, she develops light-colored flowers that range in shade from light green to near yellow. She is an extremely resinous strain, so her flowers always appear sticky and glossy. When harvested and dried, the flowers retain a light yellow shade and display bright red and orange pistils throughout a thick blanket of silvery-white trichome heads.

Birthday Cake Scent, Flavor, and Effects

Birthday Cake is sought after for its brilliant effects. Paired with a mouth-watering aroma and a delightfully creamy flavor, Birthday Cake is one of the most popular strains available in the US right now.

On the nose, the flowers are sweet and skunky. When she’s growing, she can stink up a room with this pungent stench that has a generous hint of vanilla and sweetness. During the dry and cure process, the aroma loses a bit of its punch. However, once her flowers are contained, the odor takes over any jar or container the dried flowers make it into. When the nugs are broken open, they take on a delectable fruity earthiness reminiscent of cannabis and bake sales.

When smoked, the initial impression is of sweetness and dank fruit, though the fruit flavor is usually overshadowed by sweeter, creamier notes. Like many other strains in the Girl Scout Cookies family, the smoke is very rich and creamy, making it extremely pleasant after dinner or any other time you have a sweet tooth. The exhale is a skunky vanilla flavor with a dash of sweet nuttiness. Ultimately, the final impression is literally one of a vanilla cupcake with some dank, herbaceous weed-flavor on the palette.

After the scents and flavors take hold, you can also expect the deeply relaxing effects of Birthday Cake to settle in. On average, Birthday Cake contains anywhere between 22-25% THC along with a full spectrum of terpenes, including b-Caryophyllene, which boosts the effects of THC since these terpenes act a lot like a cannabinoid on their own. With that in mind, the strain is best known for its deeply physically relaxing effects and non-sedative cerebral effect. The strain is good for helping you relax or managing pain, but it won’t make you feel stoned or couch-locked like many other indica-dominant hybrids do. Like most strains, side effects include dry mouth and eyes.

Medical Uses of Birthday Cake

With a good balance between physical relaxation and a euphoric, uplifted mental effect, Birthday Cake has a plethora of uses among medical marijuana patients all over the country. Many people utilize Birthday Cake’s high THC-content to battle stress and depression, though many have also had success using it for anxiety and panic attacks. Since the high is so mellow, it’s less likely than other strains to make you feel paranoid.

However, Birthday Cake also has a variety of physical effects. It can be used to reduce and manage chronic pain and anxiety, or help you relax your body enough to drift into a pleasant sleep, which is great for people dealing with insomnia. Best of all, it’s known to cause a wicked case of the munchies which is great for patients navigating the adverse hunger-staving side effects of chemotherapy. It’s also helped people with eating disorders to enjoy a meal.

Birthday Cake Strain Review

All in all, Birthday Cake offers an excellent balance of physical and mental effects as well as breathtaking scents and aromas. Her physical appearance is something to behold as is her ease in cultivation. If we had to give it a star rating, we’d say 4.5. The only department she loses points in is her susceptibility to powdery mildew. Regardless, next time you see it at your favorite smoke shop or available for delivery through the fine compliant gifting companies in DC, you won’t be disappointed to try it for yourself. Also if you want to get your hands on some high quality Birthday Cake Strain seeds here is a great place to try.

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