Banana Cream Strain: A Slice of Dessert

Banaana Crem Strain

Dessert gourmands have raised the hype around the Banana Cream strain. It has received nothing but raving reviews in the marijuana community for its sweet taste accompanied by a relaxing and smooth smoke. But is it that good? Does it truly deserve all the hype? Let’s look into this unique and tasty cannabis confection.

Banana Cream Strain Background

With THC levels reaching 22%, on average, this 70-30 indica-dominant hybrid is a true home run when it comes to hybrid strains. Banana Cream was created by Vagrant Farms, originating from Oregon, as a cross between tasty classics such as Banana OG and the Cookies & Cream strain. Both sounding luscious on their own, they have passed on their most delectable traits to Banana Cream. Banana OG’s sweetness plus Cookies & Cream’s yummy vanilla combine for an afternoon delight.

How Does the Banana Cream Strain Look?

This is one of those cases when the strain’s name matches its aesthetics. The moment you see the cannabis plant you will be reminded of unpeeled bananas, ripe and waiting to be taken apart. It grows to a medium height for a cannabis plant. Furthermore, its flowers provide this mouthwatering visual while its leaves spread thinly, catching its bud. Vivid amber hairs top the foliage. The nugs have some of these light yellow hues, mixed in with vibrant greens and covered in syrupy resin.

What Does the Banana Cream Strain Smell Like?

If you are a sweet tooth trying to kick the sugar habit this one is going to tempt you with its fresh banana aroma. Whiffs of its creaminess will make you want more and more of this sweet bud. The Banana Cream strain’s array of scents join in as you sniff along: grapefruit, lemon, and vanilla. Hints of earthiness make for a well-balanced fragrance to top things off. All of these serve to harmonize with its cheery flavors.

How Does the Banana Cream Strain Taste?

Each inhales in itself is a direct taste of vanilla cream heaven. You might picture a banana cream pie as you take each inhale. Banana Cream is just as sweet, earthy, and fruity as you can tell from its aroma. You will feel like you have taken a bite out of the top-dollar dessert in town after a session with this flower. Its flavors often overpower its effects but do not take that area for granted; Banana Cream delivers on all fronts.

How Does the Banana Cream Strain Make You Feel?

The effects of Banana Cream feel just like a glutinous lazy day at home. You will feel comfortable, giggly at the thought of having nothing to do that day, and calm from the open space to do just about anything. You might want to chill out with friends or lie around in the comfort of your sofa binge-watching your favorite Netflix show.

As all of this tranquil energy builds up in your system the euphoria washes up on your shores while you after left to wonder just how you got transported to a beach paradise. This part is a cerebral journey for a couch potato despite the creative spark it might give you. The tides ebb back to the ocean and leave you tingly, falling asleep on the shoreline. You can thank Banana Cream’s sedative lullaby for that.

What Are the Medicinal Effects of Banana Cream?

Medical marijuana patients pick up their supply of Banana Cream for stress relief and anti-inflammation. It can be extremely comforting for those with anxiety and depression as well as some deep-seated pain. The decedent taste of Banana Cream is also just the thing for those who want to increase their appetites. It will leave you with munchies. Just make sure to bring a glass of water or refill your jug because you might get dehydrated from the sweetness of this marijuana experience.

What Activities Can You Do With the Banana Cream Strain?

While the saccharine taste of Banana Cream might remind you of a sugar rush its effects are quite different. It will make you want to tuck yourself in bed instead of jumping up and down as you would with a sativa-leaning strain. Pick up this strain when you want a clear head and a good night’s sleep. A relaxing evening with some good friends is also a good choice because this weed also makes you pretty chatty and sociable. Lastly, many stoners love Banana Cream for pain relief as well.

How Can You Grow the Banana Cream Strain?

The Banana Cream strain will provide an abundant yield if you treat it right. Take your pick: indoors or outdoors, both work out fine as environments, however, you do need to keep the temperature at 70 degrees Fahrenheit for proper maturation. This one reaches only medium heights but can benefit from regular trimming. You can expect flowers in roughly 49-70 days.

Where To Get the Banana Cream Strain

Banana Cream is more than the hype, from flavor and aroma to its potent effects —it’s a triple threat. Want to try this scrumptious strain? Look no further than 420VL for your next stash addition. Select from the finest through browsing our explore page.

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