An in Depth Look at Liberty Dispensary

Liberty Dispensary

The medical marijuana field is booming. Experts anticipate the growth of over $40 billion in the next nine years in the marijuana industry.

With such intense growth in the industry, how is the average consumer to know which dispensary produces the best product? Liberty Dispensary produces a variety of products and has locations in four different states.

Keep reading to learn if Liberty Dispensary is the right dispensary for you.

Liberty Dispensary Traits

Liberty Dispensary opened its doors four years ago, first in the Washington D.C. area. Liberty prides itself on its care, products, and customer experience. Customers who walk into the shop should expect individualized care, leading to an exceptional experience.

The forward-thinking entrepreneurs who started Liberty Dispensary have a passion for medical cannabis and its healing properties. They were willing to take the risk of starting a business that would eventually blossom into the quality store it is today.

Liberty Dispensary focuses on five major values.

  1. Quality: Their seasoned team produces the best medical-grade products in the industry.
  2. Leadership: The employees demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism and experience.
  3. Innovation: The powers-that-be focus on tech-savvy, forward-thinking solutions.
  4. Education: Liberty Dispensary does more than sell marijuana. They inform customers on trends and treatments so each customer gets what they need.
  5. Compassion: Liberty Dispensary prides itself on an uncommon standard of care.

These traits make Liberty Dispensary different than most. These are the reasons why people leave the dispensary with an excellent customer experience.

Liberty Dispensary Products

When you’re looking for the best of DC dispensaries, you will find Liberty Dispensary on the list because of the range of products. The Liberty Dispensary menu breaks down products into two categories: how the product makes you feel and what type of product you want.

How You Feel

For example, you can get products based on how you feel with labels such as Vitality, Clarity, Harmony, Tranquility, and Serenity.

Liberty understands that different strains will have different effects. The manufacturers want to make sure you receive the desired effects.

Plus, categorizing products into how they make you feel makes navigating the website and the store much easier. You can reach your end goal much more quickly.

Marijuana Forms

All of the types of marijuana listed above come in five different forms: oil, resin, shatter, tincture, and wax.

So if you need an oil to give you vitality, you can find that specific product at Liberty. Each of the products effectively treats pain, anxiety, seizures, and muscle spasms.

Here’s a breakdown of each of the marijuana forms Liberty sells:

  • Oils: These are highly potent and therapeutic liquids you can consume in a variety of ways. Liberty also sells vapor cartridges for their oils. Many people refer to the oils as an extract as well.
  • Resin: Experts refer to the resin as a live resin since technicians will extract it from a fresh marijuana flower. It comes with a pure and strong flavor. Experienced marijuana patients often opt for this form of marijuana.
  • Shatter: Called “shatter” because it breaks or shatters when it is hard, shatter has the consistency of honey when an individual heats it. Shatter is more potent than vaping or smoking because of its terpene-rich concentrate. Experienced marijuana users will often select this.
  • Tincture: Tincture is a full-spectrum alcohol extract that you can add to your favorite recipe or a cup of juice or tea. The tincture is the original way individuals served marijuana more than a hundred years ago. The tincture is more common among individuals who are trying marijuana for the first time.
  • Wax: Similar to shatter, the wax has a honey-like consistency and is one of the more powerful forms of marijuana. The terpene-rich concentrate makes it more effective than vaping or smoking.

With a variety of strains and forms of marijuana broken into such simple categories, Liberty Dispensary is an excellent marijuana dispensary option.


Liberty Dispensary Locations

Liberty sells marijuana in several locations across the United States. You can find four different locations in Pennsylvania such as Liberty Dispensary Philadelphia and Liberty Dispensary Norristown. Liberty also has dispensaries in Bensalem and Aliquippa.

Over the years, Liberty has expanded its reach beyond Pennsylvania. You can find stores in Somerville, Easthampton, and Springfield if you’re in Massachusetts and Rockville if you’re in Maryland.

Michigan residents will find Liberty in Ann Arbor and Detroit, and California plays host to Liberty Dispensary Gardena.

Make sure you have your medical marijuana ID in tow when you visit. Liberty prides itself on a relaxing environment and personal consultations plus high-quality products.

Rewards Program

If you’re a regular customer with Liberty, you can take advantage of their rewards program. Once you have three qualifying transactions of $50 or more, you receive some tangible rewards.

They offer perks like $1 eight of house-choice flower or a $15 coupon toward any purchase. You can also receive a $15 PAX pod, a $10 0.5g oil cartridge or disposable pen, or a $5 0.5g concentrate.

After your first purchase at Liberty, you can track your progress with the loyalty platform, SpringBig. Once you’ve qualified for a reward, you can select and redeem the reward through the digital wallet on SpringBig.

Find Freedom With Liberty

Thousands of individuals have found relief from chronic pain, seizures, anxiety, and muscle spasms with medical marijuana. Liberty Dispensary offers more than just this potential relief. They have experts who seek to help each treat their individual problems.

Liberty executives tote the company as a cannabis expert. Their claims of concern for their clients make them an attractive dispensary and worth a visit the next time you’re in their neighborhood.

For a full catalog of local dispensaries, visit our site. We can help you find the best marijuana dispensary in your neighborhood.

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