A Relaxing Night With the Lemon Cherry Gelato Strain

Lemon Cherry Gelato Strain

Numerous indica-dominant strains will knock you out in a matter of hours but some prefer their indicas on the soft side. Underappreciated due to its meeker sedative effects, Lemon Cherry Gelato is the specific flower that can relax your whole body for a calm night while downplaying on the drowsiness. Below are the flavors and facts behind this nighttime South Cali favorite.

What is the Lemon Cherry Gelato Strain?

Lemon Cherry Gelato is an indica-leaning hybrid with a ratio of 60-40 and its sativa side is sure to push its substantial percentage to the sativa fan’s favor. With an energetic, bubbly, and tranquil session stemming from its THC levels of roughly 19-29%, this nug hits at just the right spot. The lower THC levels might be ideal for newer stoners while the upper end is used by experienced cannabis lovers.

As a three-way child of the intriguing Sunset Sherbet, the legendary Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), and a mysterious unknown strain, Lemon Cherry Gelato takes on some of the most iconic lineages in the industry, all top-shelf quality. Its flavors are heavily influenced by GSC and its effects by Sunset Sherbet. Its origins may vary; one version coming from Cannatique Farms in Oakland and another from the Backpack Boyz in LA.

Lemon Cherry Gelato Strain Profile


This strain’s huge, compact buds are packed with a variety of intriguing green shades. Tiny orange pistils bloom out, coated with a thick layer of sparkling trichomes for a potent and visually dynamic aesthetic.

Smell & Flavor

Opening a pack or jar of Lemon Cherry Gelato is always going to set you up for a good time just from its sweet and pleasant aroma. It will delight the senses with citrus overtones that can come across as sour but overall, refreshing. These scents are complemented by a mixture of newly picked berries, raspberries lingering in your nose. A woodsy aroma also mingles with the fruity elements of Lemon Cherry Gelato, tickling your nostrils with its earthy pine-like notes. Lest you forget its name, ripe cherries join in, harmoniously dancing with the other smells as you take in another whiff of this sugary strain. All is good for you to warm yourself up and end the day.

Its aroma has only prepared you for half of the pleasure that is the Lemon Cherry Gelato strain. The fruitiness does not stop and only continues to build after each puff you take. The sweet and sour flavors combined just hit your mouth differently. Each taste of lemon is just what you have been longing for the first time you took the nug out of its container. The bud will give you the feeling you have just been to the candy store for some sour candy and now you are heading home for a nightcap.


Any indica fan will expect to start with a calm full-body experience moving into a deep, comfortable sleep. This can all vary depending on the THC levels present in the pack you bought. Longtime users might benefit from the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to the THC while newbies take the lower half nearer to 19%. Many users report using the strain for sleep but several also choose to use it as more of a relaxation tool that does knock you out in one swipe.

Everyone has different reactions but the common experiences center around a tingly beginning, an uplifting cerebral high, and an overall relaxed mindset with negative moods fading away. It can make your worries melt away with its blissful mind-body high. Some also become more friendly and open to conversing with others when using it in social settings.


What are the Medicinal Effects of Lemon Cherry Gelato Strain?

High THC levels let Lemon Cherry Gelato aid medical marijuana patients with various conditions. Those with mood swings, chronic stress, anxiety, and depression look for relief using the strain’s mood-boosting properties and tranquil effects. Its penchant for pain management is sought after by those with chronic pain equally looking for a sweet and relaxing evening.

How Can You Grow Lemon Cherry Gelato Strain?

Lemon Cherry Gelato can grow indoors or outdoors, allowing for some level of variety on the grower’s part. It can be grown easily, growing to a height of about 60-80 inches at maturity. It is a bushy plant that will need some topping from time to time, but do not worry, soon enough you can expect a bountiful harvest in around 64 days with flowers popping up near 57-62 days.

Final Thoughts

Looking for a solitary night of calm and blissful joy or relaxing social interactions? The Lemon Cherry Gelato strain is the indica that can go with whatever plan you have on a Friday night. Its sweet and sour flavors will burst in your mouth in a delightfully lovely high.

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