Will The Banana Cookies Strain Get You Sky High?

Banana Cookies Strain

Craving an exciting, fruity indica experience? The Banana Cookies strain is a stress-buster ripe for the taking and right for a much-needed night of relief. It might make you hungry but it’ll feed your brain with sweet tingles and a hushed calm. On the other hand, you get your cannabis supply for the high but will this strain get you to the high you’re looking for? Below are the answers to your Banana Cookies strain questions and more.

What Is The Banana Cookies Strain? 

Banana Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain with a ratio of 75(I)-25(S). A cross of Platinum OG and Sour Diesel, Banana Cookies has THC levels ranging from 21%-30%, an impressive feat to say the least. Banana Cookies is highly influenced by Platinum OG with its indica-dominant profile while Sour Diesel incorporates some of its pungent diesel flavors.

The Banana Cookies strain’s terpene breakdown comes up at 0.47% for Beta-Caryophyllene, 0.37% for Beta-Myrcene, and 0.77% for Limonene. These prominent features peak through in the herbal and fruity scents of Banana Cookies.

What Does The Banana Cookies Strain Look Like?  

Banana Cookies StrainThe Banana Cookies cannabis plant looks like a fresh and lively plant adorned with vibrant colors and topped with tiny flowers. The bud structure is compact in shape with little golden and forest green herbs for you to toke. Much like that of a ripe banana, you will want to peel away at the bright yellow and vivid orange tones of this strain as you sink your fingers in its body.

What Does Banana Cookies Smell Like?  

Exactly what you would expect of the strain named after a deliciously sweet and fruity dessert, Banana Cookies smell like a fresh batch of saccharine goodness from the oven. With nutty notes and banana fragrance for days, its undertones run strong and are only enhanced by its pungent diesel roots. This depth comes out as a nice earthy smell.

What Does Banana Cookies Taste Like? 

Banana Cookies and its taste match its aroma perfectly. With its equally nutty and sugary flavors, you will taste the banana-flavored cookie you imagine when you first get a whiff of this beauty. Its earthiness translates to a flowery, herbal flavor that mixes in well with its sweetness. A touch of peach complements the entire package.

What Activities Go Well with Banana Cookies?

Many stoners will enjoy taking in some Banana Cookies just to clear their minds. You’ll get some relief from the busy day, mental health needs, or stress. Others might bring a supply to parties to enjoy while in the company of friends. This strain stimulates and can make you talk more freely with your fellow cannabis buddies. Additionally, it’s a good lullaby that will tuck you in with a sweet “good night”. Take it for some restful z’s.

How Does Banana Cookies Make You Feel? 

Rave reviews for its smell and flavor might not be the same in the “high” department for Banana Cookies. It will send you on a euphoric journey, but some stoners might prefer more of a stronger kick. It’s still pretty effective on its indica end, like bringing you some warm cookies before going to bed. You’ll feel relaxed and uplifted at the start, bringing you to a soft high when you least expect it, and then carrying you to some sweet dreams.

Weed lovers mostly use this strain before bed because it will get you a restful night’s sleep or couch-lock you into oblivion. Its side effects include dry eyes, cotton-mouth, and headaches; however, its smooth transitions trump that.

What are the Medicinal Effects of Banana Cookies?

Banana Cookies StrainGrowers would say the Banana Cookies strain is used for treating chronic pain as well as muscle spasms. It helps with anxiety and depression. Ladies welcoming their monthly visitor will also prefer this strain for the relief it provides for menstrual cramps.

Its sedative effects and potency can help you get some much-needed shut-eye especially if you’re an insomniac. Banana Cookies will make you very hungry, helping with appetite loss. Keep some food and water handy to help with its cotton-mouth and hunger-inducing effects.

How Do You Grow Banana Cookies?

This indica-dominant hybrid can be grown both outside and inside with the strain flowering somewhere between 70-79 days. Its heights grow to about 90 inches, a sight to behold. The catch is it’s a bit difficult to grow, demanding a lot of attention, so be sure to keep track of the humidity in the environment to prevent molds from spawning.

Where Can You Get Banana Cookies?

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