What is the Miami Vice Strain?

Miami Vice Strain

If you want to know more about the Miami Vice strain of cannabis, this is an excellent place to start. Learn about its Indica/Sativa balance, health benefits, and recreational usage. We will look into Miami Vice’s pedigree and growth potential as well.

Miami Vice derives from Indica, Sativa, and ruderalis cannabis plants. Currently, there is little information about Miami Vice available from research and review sources. Still, it is possible to gather some essential information by looking at its genetics.

Continue reading to understand the differences between cannabis strains that can help you make informed decisions when buying herbs.


Miami Vice BudMiami Vice: Details of the Strain

Miami Vice has many facets, but picking them apart will allow us to analyze the strain’s potency. From the available information, it is easy to conclude that the strain is unlikely to act as a sedative. Let’s take a closer look at this strain and learn about the specifics of its genetic profile.

Genetics, Lineage & Classification

Miami Vice’s immediate lineage traces back to Green Crush and Grapefruit Auto. Let’s take a quick look at the properties of these two strains.

Like the well-known Green Crack, Green Crush is a high-Sativa strain known for its ability to bring clarity and energy. It also boasts an incredibly high CBD level, so it’s often used to treat patients dealing with pain and depression.

Grapefruit is a classic strain that’s another favorite for wake-and-bake sessions. With a 70-30 Sativa-dominant profile, it has many traditional Sativa traits, except that it can have sedative qualities when used in excess.

With a lineage that includes an unknown type of cannabis ruderalis, this “unknown” aspect of the strain’s lineage is part of what makes Grapefruit – and its descendent Miami Vice – somewhat of a mysterious character. We can explore a little more and find out about ruderalis, what it does and what it’s suitable for.


Miami Vice in a JarHybrids

Miami vice is a part of a few hybrid strains such as:

  • The Right Stuff – A hybrid between ManbeatAlienPig and Miami Vice that is a THC dominant variety.
  • Painkiller – Kong and Miami Vice are bred together to form this hybrid variety. It comes from feminized seeds that take around 63 days to harvest.
  • Mai Tai – A hybrid variety formed from Miami Vice and California Dream.
  • Hurricane Punch – This variety is formed from a combination of Blackberry Crack and Miami Vice.
  • Ellen Ripley – Ripley’s OG and Miami Vice come together to form this hybrid variety.
  • Dark Stormy – When someone takes Miami Vice and mixes it with Delicious dark Crack, you get the Dark Stormy variety.
  • Cuba Libre – Green Crack and Miami Vice form the hybrid variety Cuba Libre, which has a principal amount of THC.
  • Assisted Living – A hybrid variety is resulting from Forgotten Cookies being bred with Miami Vice.
  • Alligator Alley – Miami Vice and Iguana Farts are crossbred to form this hybrid variety.

Sativa/Indica, THC Content, CBD Levels

So, with a lineage like this, what is Miami Vice’s Sativa/Indica balance? It is a balanced strain that leans in the indica direction about 40/60. CBD levels for this strain are higher than average, and THC is about medium at around 16%.

Having a look at terpenes, we see that the top three terpenes in Miami Vice are B-Caryophyllene (peppery, spicy aroma), Myrcene (earthy, fruity aroma), and A-bisabolol (floral bouquet).

B-caryophyllene shows evidence of having anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. It is also beneficial for osteoporosis, seizures, anxiety, and more. Myrcene is well-known for its ability to calm tension and stress. It’s said that A-bisabolol has skin-calming properties and a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract.


Miami Vice MarijuanaFlavor, Aroma, Appearance, and Taste

Miami Vice’s buds are medium-sized and classic “nug green” in appearance, although sometimes you may get buds with a slight purplish blush.

Like most descendants of the Grapefruit strain family, Miami Vice’s aroma has citrus flavor notes that are noticeable right away. You’ll also get some piney undertones that lend a fresh woodsy element to the smoking experience.

Ruderalis is a landrace strain, meaning it has adapted over centuries to survive the environment. Many of the “OG” pot strains are landrace or close descendants, and that old-fashioned “skunky” scent indicates that. The taste of the smoke is citrusy, with Grapefruit and lime, true to its tropical name.

Effects, Medical Benefits, Usage

You can expect a nice balanced head and body high. Although it’s medium-high in THC, it’s evened out by its high CBD lineage. You’re less likely to get too high too fast.

From a medical perspective, based on its CBD/THC balance and its terpene profile, this strain could potentially be an excellent choice to address many different health issues. These may include inflammation, digestive problems, anxiety, chronic pain, fatigue, and the like.

Miami Vice as a strain has a high calming effect compared to the average strain and is sought out for this increased ability to deliver feelings of calmness.

In the same way, Miami Vice also scores high on its ability to deliver feelings of happiness, although this ability is not as much as its calming effect.

It is about average in terms of its ability to produce a relaxing effect. It is comparable to other strains of cannabis in its ability to create a relaxing feeling or chill atmosphere.

Miami Vice, as a strain, does not have an effect of increasing energy or anxiety because it does not contain a high level of THC. High levels of THC have the effect of creating racing thoughts and an elevated heart rate.

Depending on a strain’s balance between THC and CBD, you can produce a product that is either anxiety-relieving or anxiety-inducing.

Miami Vice falls into the calmer, relaxed category of cannabis strains instead of ones that give you energy and increase your thoughts and internal euphoria.

How to Grow, Yield, Sales

This hardy plant has healthy-looking buds with good color. The plants are usually short and have a below-average yield. Miami Vice can be grown indoors and takes 8 to 10 weeks to harvest.

This shorter harvest time means that sales of Miami Vice can potentially outpace its competitor strains when supplies are running low. Still, its popularity and sales are average compared to other strains.

Miami Vice growers use auto-flowering growing cycles to grow Miami Vice. This auto-flowering characteristic means that Miami Vice will have a lower yield compared to other strains of cannabis.


Trimming Miami vice PlantWhat Is Autoflowering?

Autoflowering is a growing method that relies on an auto-flowering gene in the strain that first arose in Cannabis Ruderalis.

As the name suggests, the Miami Vice strain flowers automatically instead of photoperiod strains that must be coaxed into flowering manually.

Autoflowering plants alternate between a vegetative phase and a flowering phase. The switching between these phases happens after a particular time has passed instead of needing an external cue to flower.

The benefits of an auto-flowering plant are that the cost of lighting goes down, you need fewer nutrients, a faster life cycle, you get a higher percentage of CBD, and you get a lower yield than with photoperiod strains.

Miami Vice is a good beginner plant as an auto-flowering strain because of its benefits and resistance to pests, disease, and human error.

Reviews, Where to Buy, Price

It is a solid product, easy to smoke or vape, with an excellent flavor profile and an easy-going high despite little information. You can call your local dispensary or cannabis delivery service and see if they stock Miami Vice.

Miami Vice, on average, is slightly more expensive than other similar strains in the same brand, although the price can vary widely between cannabis brands.

Reviews for Miami Vice are generally positive. Reviewers typically find Miami Vice to have an excellent first smell impression with a hint of floral notes and fruity and citrus notes.

The buds of Miami Vice are generally on the smaller side in terms of size, which means you will get less product for the price you are paying.


Miami Vice JointRelated Questions

Before you go, we will look at some related questions to the topic of Miami Vice Strain.

What Is a Similar Strain to Miami Vice?

Several strains are similar to Miami Vice. Try Blue Razz, Painkiller, and Forbidden Fruit strains for a few examples.

These are relatives of Miami Vice, and each has different things in common with Miami Vice. Do some research to figure out the pros and cons of each strain, and decide what’s best for you.

Is Miami Vice Good For Making Edibles?

Yes, because the process for making edibles naturally distillates and isolates the ingredients in a strain, this means that the strain that you use for making an edible is mainly irrelevant.

When making an edible, you will turn cannabis back into its pure forms of THC and CBD, and strains like Miami Vice will only keep a small fraction of the terpenes and flavonoids responsible for the uniqueness of the strain.

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