What is Hotboxing With Cannabis: The Dos and Don’ts

Hotboxing With Cannabis

The term “hotboxing” describes smoking in an enclosed or poorly ventilated place. Something like a car, a closet, a restroom, a shed, or any other small enclosed area.

Exhaled smoke is unable to escape the area and hence contributes to polluting the air. Those who smoke inside absorb not only their own smoke but also that of other smokers in the space.

Everything is fair game for the hotbox.

Since hotboxing demands nothing more than filling a space with smoke, it may be done practically anywhere (indoors, of course). A car is just one of many possible locations for a hotbox; other options include your home, a hotel room, a tent, a closet, a garage, a sauna (private ones only, please), or even a greenhouse!

While hotboxing may seem like a fun method to smoke, there are correct and wrong ways to perform it. In order to avoid making rookie mistakes that could have unfortunate outcomes, we have put together a list of best practices.

A man Hotboxing in a car
A man Hotboxing in a car

The Dos of Hotboxing

When hotboxing, it’s important to remember a few things. If you want everything to go swimmingly and be as pleasant as possible, you should follow these practices.

1. Hotbox With Friends, Not Alone.

It’s not nearly as entertaining to hotbox on your own. The goal of this ride is to reach peak euphoria, and it’s safer to travel in a group in case of a greening-out. You can more easily hotbox a big space if there are more folks smoking there, making hotboxing an enjoyable social activity that can be enjoyed with others.

2. Invite the most enthusiastic friends to Hotboxing.

We don’t want to sound harsh, but hotboxing isn’t for the fainthearted ones. If you have any breathing problem, or if you’re a beginner and can’t take more than a couple of puffs at a time, this is not something you should try. It’s best if they don’t come because they can’t stay inside safely for the time it would take to fill up the space.

3. Bring a lot of cannabis to the hotbox.

Smoking at a far higher rate than usual is par for the course at a hotboxing sesh, as the goal is to cram the small area with as much smoke as possible. The task at hand may not go as smoothly if you don’t produce enough smoke, and if you have to leave to resupply frequently, you’ll be letting all the contained smoke escape.

4. Have some paper towels handy.

If you’ve never done hotboxing before, or if you’re just not used to it, you might want to bring some toilet paper or paper towels to this session in case you end up needing to wipe your eyes or nose. If you don’t, you’ll have to leave the room to find something whenever you have watery eyes or nose, which can be difficult if you have trouble seeing.

5. Make sure the area is completely sealed up.

We can’t live in a perfectly airtight environment; we need oxygen to survive. However, if you have some damp towels handy, you can quickly and easily seal off the space under a door or in a closet, keeping the smoke where you want it.

6. Keep an eye out for cops.

A hot boxing bust in your car is so overdone. When searching for stoners, this is one of the commonest locations where police make arrests. Hotbox or police radar should be kept in a location where you are confident you will be safe from cops. To have to explain what’s going on to a police officer is the worst possible outcome when you’re that high.

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7. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Greening out is unpleasant, therefore nobody wants to take the risk of getting too high. Similarly, you’re far more likely to vomit if you start coughing and can’t stop. Don’t rush things, take it easy, and leave when you need to because if you don’t, you can end up destroying the whole experience and needing a lot of time to recover.

The Don’ts of Hotboxing

Do not do any of the following things if you value your host’s feelings or the comfort of their guests (or your own).

1. Don’t forget to have water on hand.

If you breathe in enough smoke, you’ll experience cottonmouth, a condition in which your mouth and throat become completely parched and dry. Even if you don’t experience symptoms as severe, you should still bring water with you on when hotboxing.

2. Don’t go near the hotbox until you’re prepared for whatever happens inside.

Hotboxing is no joke. If you’re not prepared for it, you should probably think twice about participating in this activity.

3. Don’t smoke cigarettes in the hotbox.

To bring a cigarette to this sesh would be nasty because the objective of hotboxing is to flood the room with cannabinoid-rich smoke so that you get high with every breath, yet not everyone smokes cigarettes. Put the work aside for a while and walk outside to smoke a cigarette.

4. Don’t push someone past their comfort level.

Be sure to let everyone know that it’s okay to leave when they get too high or reach their limit. It may seem like the right thing to do to take as much as you can, but in the long run, you’ll feel much better if you stop while you’re ahead.

5. Anticipate smoking more in the hotbox than usual.

To fully achieve the desired effect of filling the room with heavy, long-lasting cannabis smoke, known as “hotboxing,” may take some time. Be prepared for a much stronger high than usual, even if you only smoke your usual joint, because you will be exposed to secondhand smoke the entire time.

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6. Don’t allow anyone to get behind the wheel after hotboxing.

This is not just some impromptu get-together to smoke a blunt, hotboxing is a full-blown gathering. You and your pals will likely experience some serious high. So don’t give any of them the keys to their cars. Find a place to stay the night where you can get high without having to deal with the responsibility of operating any vehicle. Do not ever get too high and then get behind the wheel.

Have Fun!

Hotboxing with Cannabis is a social activity that is more effective at delivering a high than smoking alone. This is more than just a gimmick; it actually provides an entertaining means of maximizing the value of your stash.

Still, you don’t have to limit yourself to the confines of your car or the bathroom. While the spaces mentioned above have shown to be effective, there is always room to add your own unique twist to the ancient hotboxing methods.

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