What Is Brown Weed and Is It Good For You?

What Is Brown Weed and Is It Good For You

Let’s face it, it can be tough trying to sort out the good weed from the bad weed. Walking into a dispensary, you might see cannabis strains in a range of different colors like bright green, dark green, purple, and even a combination of colors.

But what about brown weed? Is there something special about it or does it mean that that particular product is bad weed? This article seeks to help clarify any misconceptions about brown weed and give you a better idea of what to look for when browsing for quality cannabis strains that are worth spending your hard-earned money on.

What Is Brown Weed?

 Brown Weed


Brown weed goes by another more commonly known name within the cannabis industry called Reggie Weed. If you happen to run across some brown weed, steer clear and walk in the opposite direction. The brown color is a direct reflection of the quality of the cannabis since it lacks all aesthetic appeal, flavor, potency, and feel.

The rough and dry buds crumble in your fingers, falling to the bottom of the tray like dirt. Reggie weed is the lowest quality cannabis on the market. It is the result when improper growing techniques are incorporated, coupled with the lack of maintenance on the part of the cultivator.

Brown weed typically contains a low concentration of THC that requires a significant amount of it to be smoked before any effects kick in. Other than that, the flavor falls flat leaving a lot to be desired, and the odor is unpleasant and muted.

Is It Good To Smoke Brown Weed?

Most serious cannabis connoisseurs steer clear of brown weed since the entire experience of smoking leaves much to be desired, but it can be smoked. Unlike quality weed that is saturated in sticky trichomes with healthy, fluffy buds, brown weed is much harder to work with and falls apart like shake weed. Rolling brown weed can be much more of a hassle than necessary and does not produce the desired outcome.

If you smoke brown weed you might notice that the smoke is a lot harsher than normal and can make you feel sick at higher doses. Just because you can smoke something does not necessarily mean you should. Even for the most desperate smokers in the most desperate situations, brown weed is not worth it. This weed is ineffective and because of this it can be a huge waste of time.

How Do You Tell The Difference Between Good Weed and Bad Weed?

The difference between good weed and bad weed is like the difference between night and day. That’s just how easy it is to detect high-quality weed from poor quality weed. Although the difference between the premium or top-tier strains and mid-tier can cause some debate, there is no debate when it comes to distinguishing between what deserves to be on the top shelf and what should not even be displayed.

Good Weed

Good weed can be detected by its attractive visual appearance as well as its intoxicating aromatic profile. High-quality cannabis sports a solid bud structure that can be large or small with healthy, vibrant buds that can range in colors like purple, bright green, dark green, and even blue.

The buds break down easily and retain their form and stickiness when it comes time to roll. The powerful and attractive aroma produced from the bud is the truest sign of the integrity and quality of cannabis.

Bad Weed 

Bad weed does not stop at Reggie weed but can encapsulate a wider array of cannabis that falls under the radar due to being able to maintain a relatively solid appearance. However, there are things to look out for that could reveal a strain is of much lower quality than first glance.

The odor and appearance tend to be lackluster and unimpressive at best with a bud structure that leaves a lot to be desired. Bad weed can also be picked out by observing the presentation of trichomes. Bud that does not appear to sparkle or leave residue behind on the fingertips, is more than likely a batch that is likely of lower quality.

Is Dense Weed Good or Bad?


Brown WeedDense weed is neither good nor bad. It is not a good attribute to use when trying to decide what cannabis strain is good or bad.

The density of the cannabis can be one way to detect bad weed only if some other aspects are checked off the list as well like dry or crusted buds, unpleasant aroma or flavor, lack of trichomes, and even poor bud structure.

Brown weed or Reggie weed does tend to be denser than most but also showcases a wide range of attributes that clearly reveal the low-quality flower that it is.

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