What Do You Know About Bong Water?

Bong Water

Bongs are an essential component of the cannabis smoking experience. A bong is smoking equipment, a bowl for dry marijuana, and a chamber filled with bong water. It’s sometimes referred to as a water pipe or bubbler. Bubbles of smoke rise through the water, which cools and clarifies it. The result is a smooth cannabis smoke-free of large particles such as tar and ash.

You may be wondering since the filtration system removes the smoke, what’s in that water? In this post, you’ll discover precisely what lurks in your bong water and why it’s critical to keep it clean and change the water regularly.

Materials in bong water

Although some of the chemicals in bong water are hazardous, others are beneficial, such as cannabinoids. The water removes some of the beneficial and negative components, so you may need to smoke more bong hits than joints to reap the advantages of cannabis. Because not all of the marijuana will burn away, some residual herb may be in the bong water, resulting in lower amounts of CBD and THC in the smoke. Some CBD, which has been investigated for its wide range of therapeutic advantages, may be lost. Some THC will also stay in the water, so a bong may not get you as high as other types of smoke.

Bong water, like puddle water, can accumulate germs and fungus. Germs and other microscopic organisms may also grow in filthy bong water. You should never drink bong water unless it has been properly cleaned. It’s not worth risking your plants for a few drops of bong water. It might contain poisonous levels of mold because it has been used in the bongs before. Pour the old water down the drain and start fresh if you’re unsure.

How frequently should I change the water in my bong?

For every bong session, use clean, fresh water. If you don’t change the water often enough, cleaning the bong won’t be easy. It’s also critical to replace the bong water regularly to wash out any potentially cancer-causing substances that have been released by the filtration system.

When the water develops a top layer known as biofilm, it’s time to replace the filter. The biofilm might contain:

  • Any number of dangerous pathogens.
  • Ranging from strep and ecoli to black mildew.
  • Forming across the surface of the water.

These things might be harmful when breathed in; therefore, be careful with the bong water. One of the advantages of bongs is that they eliminate dangerous chemicals, but only if the water is clean.

The first time you clean the bong water, expect a strong stench. Use the highest-purity water available to replace it. For a cooler, more refreshing smoking experience, add a few ice cubes or ice water to the mix.

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Bong water replacements

If you want to try something new, there are several alternatives to bong water. Unsweetened cranberry juice is a popular alternative to water. The red liquid will not significantly alter the flavor of your bong hit, but it will give your glass a lovely crimson hue. Cranberry juice has a natural acidity that helps keep your bong cleaner for longer. However, sugary fruit juice is not advised as a bong water substitute. The sugars might leave a sticky residue and make cleaning the bong difficult.

Another alternative to try is sparkling rather than still water, which will make your marijuana smoke resemble a party. Bubbles can improve the lightness and texture of your bong hit and add a little flavor if you use sparkling water flavored with citrus or lime (once again, stay away from the sweet stuff).

For a bit of variation, use lemon peels instead of lemons and fill the chamber with still water, sparkling water, or cranberry juice. Mint leaves may be used to create the ultimate chill effect for your pipe.

Make alternative bong water treatments creative, but avoid using any sweeteners. Also, avoid booze, which may produce harmful alcohol vapors (and sugar).

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