True OG Strain Review: A True Indica

True OG Strain

True OG strain is beyond top-shelf quality. It is one of the “originals” even with all the confusion that goes into the name “OG”. As a pioneer and classic True OG, its citrus and fuel flavors can charm any old-school cannabis lover. Newbies can also enjoy the sweet high that comes with this true indica. Below is all the info you need to know about True OG strain.

What is the True OG Strain?

True OG also goes by the name “Kobe OG ” and is popular as an indica strain coming from OG Kush Genetics. The word “OG” in its moniker is not the commonly confused “Original Gangster” title but more of a reference to its origins as “ocean grown”. This Southern California descendant is considered legendary for its multiple wins at the High Times Medical Cup starting from 2010. It represents the true capability of California cultivation and is the pride of its breeders at Elemental Seeds. While its THC content varies from 15 to 24% it is beloved for that OG Kush high that it gives as well as a well-balanced experience.

True OG Strain Profile


Just like its name alludes to, this flower looks classic. A gorgeous rich green color with orange covers this cannabis plant, orange pistils peeking out. It is covered in amber hairs interspersed all across its body. Its stick with resin and its trichomes sparkly through the heavy coating. Its long fan leaves make for a royal outline as it expands and grows. The nugs are densely packed and pear-shaped.

Aroma and Flavor

Once you open a jar of True OG it will make its mark on you, a skunky scent taking over your nose. It’s an extremely strong smell that can stink up the whole room. After you grind some flower up you can find that its clear citrus flavor on the inhale is the breath of relaxation you have been needing. This is the vibe you expect from a full-on indica. A combination of spiciness and pine also makes its way down your throat the more puffs you take in. Finally, it is with each toke that you can experience that Kush-like hint of fuel and exotic bite.

For its terpene profile, the True OG strain has myrcene in the lead as its dominant terpene, an earthy flavor rounding out the taste on your palate. The citrus and spicy notes come from limonene and caryophyllene. Not only does limonene remind stoners of a freshly peeled orange it can relieve stress, calming you to your core. Caryophyllene doubles down on the sense of calm, adding a pepper flavor.


This marijuana isn’t called True OG because it’s flimsy. On the contrary, it is extremely powerful and the high is in a sought-after Kush manner. Ever wonder where the word “couchlock” originated? This strain is probably the reason why the term was created in the first place— the origin story behind a whole history of stoners lumped on the couch, unable to do anything after the high. You just sit there, rested, feeling the indica after effects.

Stoners report feeling giggly, joyful, and calm while puffing True OG strain. The side effects, however, are a dry mouth and eyes, cottonmouth as well as some dizziness. It might be better to remember how much you can consume enough for a kick without going overboard for the next time you have some True OG in your marijuana stash. Keeping water nearby is also useful to stay hydrated.

Medicinal Effects

As a winner of many High Times Medical Cup competitions since 2010, you can expect True OG to be prized by medical marijuana patients. Its stress relief and relaxing effects can be used for alleviating stress, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, it offers pain relief for those with chronic pain and migraines. Its mood-lifting effects are for those with bipolar disorder, PTSD, and many of the conditions mentioned already. Lastly, as an indica that can put almost anyone to sleep it is a favorite among insomniacs.

Growing the True OG Strain

Elemental Seeds’ prominent strain, True OG is easily obtainable online. It can be grown inside or outside but thrives in a California-like climate, semi-humid or Mediterranean-like. The cannabis plants are easy to maintain indoors due to their small stature and business. In 8 to 9 weeks True OG strains flowers and when it grows to maturity the yield is moderate— just right. For those who plant it outside you can expect it to bloom in mid-October. Its resistance and simple breeding practices make it ideal for beginner growers to attempt.

Final Thoughts

True OG is an indica through and through— relaxing, sleep-inducing, and even having a Kush-like high. This classic and its herbal, citrus, and spice flavor is just what you need to end the night. Don’t miss it; get it delivered straight to your doorstep.

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