How Good Is the Super Glue Strain?

Super Glue Strain

When you think about super glue, you probably think about the sticky substance that permanently binds two objects together. The creators of the Super Glue strain thought the exact same thing, and for a good reason. This strain is a sticky, intense experience that will keep you glued to your couch the entire night.

Super Glue has been around for a while, and it’s definitely got a committed fan base. But cult status on its own doesn’t mean that a strain’s a winner. In this guide, we’re going to explain all the need-to-know info about this hybrid strain along with just exactly how good it actually is.

Super Glue Strain Background

It’s hard to find a more potent indica-dominant hybrid than the Super Glue strain. Bred by Seedism Seeds, the strain is the result of a functional, funky cross of Northern Lights and Afghani weed. Also known as Superglue or Superglue OG, it’s a 60% indica-dominant strain that’s perfect for relaxing all weekend long.

The Super Glue strain can be impressively potent. In fact, it came in second in the California region during the High Times Strongest Strains on Earth competition in 2017. While not every plant will produce the insane potence of 32.24% it reached there, it still averages a respectable 25% THC. For an indica-dominant strain, that’s enough to impact even the most serious smoker. If you’re looking for something that will stick with you all weekend long, Super Glue is the way to go.

How Super Glue Strain Smells and Tastes

Like many strains that have some Afghani heritage, Super Glue has a pungent diesel scent that’s hard to miss. Simply opening the bag will release a wave of scent that includes woody, earthy undertones. Everyone nearby will immediately know that you have dank supply, whether you want that or not.

The flavor is more forgiving, with citrusy notes that cut through the fuel nicely. Super Glue is certainly not a dessert strain, but connoisseurs will find something worth appreciating.

What Does Super Glue Weed Look Like

There are few plants with better bag appeal than Super Glue. Its pale green buds are covered in rich, orange hairs and frost-colored trichomes that let you know exactly how potent your experience will be. Expect dense, compact nugs that require some work to break open – no flakiness here!

How to Grow Super Glue Marijuana

For the most part, Super Glue is easy to grow. It’s not prone to outgrowing its space, since it stays about three feet high indoors. Outdoors, it may get up to four or five feet high, which is still manageable. The indica genes are strong, so it bushes out more than it grows up; expect a lot of foliage and multiple colas without much work.

On the other hand, no strain is perfect. Super Glue’s bushiness is great for getting solid yields in small spaces, but it does have a downside: this strain is particularly prone to mold. If you’re choosing to grow these plants inside, you’ll need to pay plenty of attention to your humidity levels to keep mildew and mold from ruining your harvest. An average humidity level of 50-60% will keep your plants dry and mold-free, but that can be hard to achieve in amateur indoor setups.

Don’t hesitate to trim lower leaves on these plants, either. The multiple colas ensure that there will be more than enough leaves higher up to fuel growth. By keeping an eye on the undergrowth, you can encourage airflow and avoid any nasty, unwanted surprises come harvest time.

If you keep your humidity levels under control, Super Glue provides excellent yields for a small indica plant. Expect up to 16 ounces per square meter indoors, or up to 18 ounces per plant outside. It takes about nine weeks for this plant to reach harvest, so northern hemisphere growers can look for a harvest in late October if they’re growing outdoors. Inside, just look for the telltale sign of amber trichomes starting to speckle your buds.

How Does the Super Glue Strain Make You Feel

There are plenty of strains out there that are perfect for beginners. Super Glue isn’t one of them. This strain has enough sativa genetics to hit users quickly with an intense, cerebral high that will lift you straight up to the clouds. People with a low tolerance may even find it overwhelmingly light, leading to jitteriness because of the intense THC concentration.

However, more experienced smokers will find that the euphoric buzz is the perfect match for the intense bodily relaxation that follows. The heavy indica heritage from its Afghani parent leads to a serious risk of couchlock that will last all night long. The tingly, buzzy feeling throughout the whole body makes it a great accompaniment to a night with nothing to do except relax, unwind, and enjoy some time away from your worries.

Because of how intense this strain can be, it’s developed a serious following among certain people. In particular, people who deal with chronic stress often turn to Super Glue weed to help them turn off at the end of the day. The muscle relaxation and euphoria make it a great way to undo some of the damage that chronic stress and tension can cause. Similarly, people with anxiety and PTSD often recommend the strain for its ability to distract them from negative thoughts.

Meanwhile, people who struggle with chronic pain or insomnia see some benefits as well. Joint and muscle pain are no match for the strain, and its tendency towards couchlock helps many insomniacs drift off to sleep in no time.

In short, Super Glue is a powerful, indica forward strain that will satisfy even the most jaded smoker. If you want some bud that will ensure a relaxing night no matter how stressful your day, the Super Glue strain can provide. Its complex flavor and beautiful buds don’t hurt, either. If you’re looking to buy some Super Glue yourself, check out our list of DC’s best dispensaries for all your weed needs. Also if you want to get your hands on some high quality Super Glue Strain seeds here is a great place to try.

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