Strange-Looking Marijuana? Get to Know the Freak Show Strain

When people say this cannabis plant looks strange they are not exaggerating. Cannabis plants usually look like mini pine trees topped by everyone’s favorite flowers. The Freak Show strain, however, takes the term “freak show” too literally by deviating from the conventional visual aesthetics of everyone’s beloved dank flora. Continue reading to find out just what makes the Freak Show strain so weird and enticing.

What is the Freak Show Strain?

This strain was originally cultivated by Shapeshifter, a veteran green thumb who experimented on tons of cannabis strains. He was especially intrigued by whatever mutation he found in his ganja. When some oddly shaped leaves grew out from one of his seedling batches he decided to take it in stride and grew to love the funky-looking marijuana that sprouted. He branched out to cross them and the strange series of events resulted in the bud known as the Freak Show strain.

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Shapeshifter backcrossed many mutant plants which brought upon the Freak Show strain. Meanwhile, Humboldt Seed Company increased the production of Freak Show by putting into motion a large-scale seed increase of the strain. This series of events has made it more accessible. With a low level of THC such as 18.6%, Freak Show might be mild but adequately calming and mood-lifting for any level or type of stoner.

Freak Show Strain Profile


This is what everyone is here for. What makes Freak Show’s looks garner all the hype and fame? Its unique leaf shape might be the first. The strain is formed through genetic mutation causing a fern-like appearance for its leaves. Its thin and inconsistent leaves stretch out at strange and uneven angles, almost like a stick bug. Its fuzzy, bright light green buds peek through the long and somewhat feeble leaves that sometimes droop down on the flowers. Quite a drastic change from typical cannabis plants most people are familiar with.

Scent & Flavor

Freak Show has a prominent floral fragrance with ripe hints of gassiness. Grapefruit adds some freshness to the aroma while notes of thyme and eucalyptus make for an herbal combination from heaven.

Unlike its smell, the flavors of Freak Show reveal its sweet side with vanilla flavors mixing in with a subtle banana. Additionally, the aroma translates to citrus and grapefruit that bringing some fruity freshness to the table. The herbs that you take in from the fragrance become clearer and richer than before. On your throat, you feel the sour, fruity freshness from its grapefruit and citrus side in full stride.


The Freak Show strain not only delivers in the visual aspect. It is known for its clear head high and cerebral buzz that rushes into a body high which climaxes into a satisfying sedative couch lock. You will experience the body tingles from Freak Show due to its sativa-dominance coming into full swing.

The weirdness does not stop there, some trippy behavior might need to be monitored by a responsible friend. It can be increasingly stimulating as well as push you while adding more opportunities to experience its aphrodisiac effects.

What are the Medicinal Effects of Freak Show Strain?

The calm beginnings of Freak Show can be extremely relaxing for those with chronic stress, pain relief, and headaches. Its sativa-leaning side can be beneficial for those with depression who want a pick-me-up.

Tips On Growing the Freak Show Strain

Freak Show can be incredibly hardy, a strain you will find easy to grow even at the beginner level. It can be somewhat resistant to pests and mildew. As a sativa-leaning strain, you will find that the bud bloom in roughly 65 days. Despite the ease, this mutated cannabis plant should be ready for harvest in approximately 6-8 weeks. Feminized seeds from Humboldt Seed Company can complete your dream of growing your supply of this flavorful herbal and grapefruit combo.

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What Activities Go Well With the Freak Show Strain?

Lots of joggers will tell you that this low-THC weed is just the thing they need for a powerful morning run. Its mood-lifting abilities are great for exercise but also for chores, projects, artistic work, and other tasks that need to get done. It is a creative’s dream cannabis strain.

Final Thoughts

Seeing Freak Show for the first time will have you staring at it with curiosity much like a tourist wandering around a new state for the first time, looking for a new supply of weed. The bud’s sweet and fresh, energy-boosting high is not unfamiliar to cannabis users though, and can be the solace you find in the oddity.

Still, growers are certainly the biggest fans of Freak Show due to its rare mutated profile but its sativa high is sought after by quite a few recreational and medical users as well. The history and exploration that went into creating the strain also add a charm— albeit a strange and endearing one— to this odd-one-out. If you’re into all the hype you might as well try to get your hands on some of the Freak Show strain.

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