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Sour Patch Kids Strain

Cannabis strains are named for their unique flavor profile, appearance, and high. You know a cannabis strain has to be good when it is named after the popular sour & sweet candy, Sour Patch Kids. The Sour Patch Kids cannabis strain is just as good as it sounds. This unique sativa produces feelings of euphoria complemented with a tangy, pungent aroma.

If you are interested in trying out this strain for yourself, or if you are planning to start growing the Sour Patch Kids strain, then stay tuned. This article explores everything you need to know about the Sour Patch Kids strain including some growing tips and the type of high that strain emits.

The Sour Patch Kids Strain Background

The Sour Patch Kids strain is a sativa that was brought to us by Dark Heart Nursery and was created by crossing the infamous cannabis strains, Sour Diesel and Candyland. Sour Diesel is a powerful sativa that is known for its intoxicating cerebral effects and pungent, diesel aroma. Candyland is another well-known sativa cannabis strain that is known for its dense, frosty trichomes and stimulating effects.

The Sour Patch Kids strain typically tests in between 18-20% THC which also makes this strain proficient for medicinal use as well as recreational use.

The Sour Patch Kids Appearance and Smell

The Sour Patch Kids strain is a very attractive cannabis strain. Its dense buds are blanketed in a thick, frosty layer of trichomes with tangled, golden hairs and deep purple hues laced throughout. The aroma produced from this cannabis strain is intoxicating to the senses and emits a blend of sweet and diesel smells. You’re left with a pleasantly earthy, pine, and pungent concoction to produce the flavor profile that helps to put this strain on the map.

How To Grow the Sour Patch Kids Strain

If you’re looking to start growing cannabis, then there are some things you need to keep in mind. First and foremost, you should consider the laws and regulations in your state regarding cannabis to ensure you are following within the parameters of the law. Most states have moved to legalized or decriminalize marijuana which makes growing cannabis more and more common throughout the United States.

Once you’ve checked that box, it’s time to make sure you have the proper space allocated for growing cannabis. The amount of space needed depends on the strain and the amount of cannabis you want to produce. Cannabis can be grown anywhere, from the inside of a small closet to a large, multi-million dollar warehouse. Once you’ve set aside the proper space you then need to gather all the necessary ingredients, tools, and equipment to grow cannabis. There are various stores located through the U.S. that sell the necessary equipment you will need. If you are having trouble finding locations near you, head online as various online businesses sell all the products you need. You can check out all kinds of tutorials and videos online that can help give you the guidance you need to start growing your own cannabis.

After all of those boxes have been checked, it’s time to decide on your strain of choice which, in this case, is the Sour Patch Kids strain. Unfortunately for beginner growers, this strain is a little more complicated and time-consuming to grow, so it is recommended for an experienced grower to cultivate this particular strain. You do not need to be a pro, but you need some experience growing cannabis to be able to grow the Sour Patch Kids strain effectively.

The Sour Patch Kids strain grows well indoors and outdoors with a flowering period of approximately 8-10 weeks with a medium yield when it comes time to harvest.

How Does the Sour Patch Kids Strain Make You Feel?

One of the most important aspects of a cannabis strain is how it makes you feel. The aroma and flavor profile as well as the appearance of the cannabis all helps to create a well-balanced and popular strain, but what stands the test of time is the type of high it produces. The Sour Patch Kids strain is a sativa that produces an uplifting and euphoric high that can add a boost of energy to your step. This strain is great for daytime use due to its uplifting and invigorating effects. The delightfully invigorating effects of this strain are complemented by a balanced state of relaxation that follows after the initial ascent.

The Sour Patch Kids strain is also known to be effective in managing symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression due to its uplifting cerebral properties followed by a calming wave of relaxation. If you can get your hands on this sweet & sour cannabis strain, then don’t hesitate! You won’t regret trying out the Sour Patch Kids strain for yourself as you enjoy the blissful high it emits. Also if you want to get your hands on some high quality Sour Patch Kids Strain seeds here is a great place to try.

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