Pink Cookies Strain Review: A Relaxing Treat

Pink Cookies Strain

The centerpiece of an extravagant sensation celebration, Pink Cookies is more commonly known as Wedding Cake. It is considered illustrious for stoners everywhere due to its potency and saccharine aroma. One might already know about it from its other nicknames such as Marijuana Cake, and Birthday Cake.

If you are looking to get your creative juices going or longing for some relaxation, this might be the ideal experience for you. Here is some need-to-know info on this THC-high cannabis strain.

What is the Pink Cookies Strain?

The Pink Cookies strain is one of the most popular, balanced hybrid strains and its hype comes with good reason. Pink Cookies was a first-place winner in the Hybrid category during the 2018 High Times Cannabis Cup. Other versions come in an indica-dominant hybrid form. Its THC content shows its potency averaging at 24% and above. It is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Cherry Pie. The former is one of the most sought-after weed strains and is beloved by many veterans in the cannabis scene.


Pink Cookies StrainThe Pink Cookies Strain Profile


Unlike the gorgeous imagery brought about by its moniker, the strain appears as an average-sized bush with an array of dark-green and light-green strands. Some phenotypes produce small sections with shades of purplish or pinkish trichomes accompanied by fluffy buds and multicolored flowers. Its pinkish tones are the reason it is also known as Pink Cookies.

Aroma and Flavor

The vanilla cake frosting smell of Pink Cookies wafts through the air easily, engulfing one in its sugary scent. Its name alludes to the sugary taste you get upon munching or puffing some of this luscious flower. It gives off a hint of lemon, bringing the atmosphere of a forest with its fruity edge. A dash of grapefruit seeps in, emanating from its flowers. This is the kind of flower you will want to be delivered straight to your doorstep.

Don’t be fooled by its sugary name, this strain has a rich earthy and sour taste. Pink Cookies have a tangy essence which would be ideal as an addition to baked treats like sauces and custards. Its undertone of sweetness creeps in and is succeeded by an earthy relishing of its contrasting savoriness.

Some stoners get coughing fits when using Pink Cookies while others attest to its smooth quality, whichever you experience there is no doubt that Pink Cookies is top-shelf material. Its terpene profile filled with spiciness from caryophyllene, citrus notes from limonene, and cinnamon and hops flavors from humulene make it a treat on the mouth.


With a THC level of around 22-25%, the hybrid is potent and manages to relax but is also mentally stimulating. It’s not a slow burn and those new to the cannabis strain might want to pace themselves at the start. One may experience euphoria and giddiness in the beginning and then drift into the full-body experience. It can be uplifting, creating a conducive environment for productivity. It has also been used to mitigate depression and anxiety due to the serene state one enters. Other beneficial effects include: help for insomnia, increased motivation for art and exercise, boosted fervor and empathy, and calmness. Prepare some food nearby though, you are in for the munchies with Pink Cookies.

Medicinal Effects

Medical marijuana patients grab some Pink Cookies largely for relief from anxiety and stress. Its relaxing effects can be an antidote to the pains of the day. The upliftment one also feels when consuming Pink Cookies can make it a friend for those with depression. Patients with depression can have happiness creep upon them in a Pink Cookies smoke session. The cerebral high can improve one’s mood. Lastly, Pink Cookies strain is great if you want to start winding down to fall asleep. Insomniacs also use it for this purpose. Meanwhile, marijuana users enjoy the fact that this strain is an all-rounder. The initial cerebral high can do wonders for your mood. Those suffering from anxiety or stress could reap benefits from the heady vibe and body relaxation.


Pink Cookies StrainGrowing the Pink Cookies Strain

Growing Pink Cookies strain can be a challenge to grow. You could only get your hands on the seed form to grow this strain just a while back. Previously, these could only grow through acquiring a clipping to produce a clone. A rare and coveted plant, seeds can be hard to come by even though they are already up on the market.

Even with seeds in your hands, only a veteran green thumb might find growing it a doable feat. The seedlings grow only at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit with humidifiers and dehumidifiers key components of an indoor setup. The Pink Cookies strain grows well with a humid atmosphere and generally warm temperatures, fighting off any damaging environmental factors easily. Growing this strain outside might be a challenge. If you manage to consistently care for the plant with the proper humidity and temperature, you can harvest about 16 ounces from each plant.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Pink Cookies is a stoner’s favorite, even if you aren’t a sweet tooth. Regardless, it could be the flavors or the high THC; Pink Cookies strain is a classic that users will keep coming back to and one you’d be sure to store many jars of.

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