Magic Melon Strain: The Perfect Fruit and Diesel Combo

Magic Melon Strain

Always wondering what the combination of both kinds of melon would taste like? Now is your chance to experience just that through the Magic Melon strain. This bud has a watermelon and cantaloupe connection that will entice your nose and slide smoothly down your throat and fill your lungs with fruity bliss. For more info on this tropical taste that teeters between energetic and relaxing, read on.

What is the Magic Melon Strain?

A three-way cross between Mango Trees, Honeydew Melon, and Mango Sherbet, Magic Melon is a sweet Sativa cultivated by Humboldt Seed Company. A version is also available by Kind Op Corp with similarly bright hues and gassy notes. The 60-40 ratio between its sativa and indica sides makes for an almost even balance, drowsiness almost seeping into the prominently focused vibe you experience with Magic Melon.

THC levels averaging around 15-25% make for a mild to medium potency rate that has enough for a good kick but not too much to knock you out. CBD levels are at 2% signaling its noteworthy medicinal effects that are calming to the senses.

Magic Melon Strain Profile


This huge bud reveals a lush lime green foliage with long, thin amber hairs and a fresh coating of glittery white trichomes. Its denseness conceals the underlying purple shades that add depth to its colors.

Smell & Flavor

If you stick your nose straight in the bag you will be overwhelmed by the diesel aroma of Magic Melon, but no need to stress. Its equally powerful saccharine edge keeps the strain both pungent while also maintaining its candy-like qualities. The gassiness and sour notes do not overpower the deeper you descend into your smoking session. With a perfectly mixed fragrance, it is a harmony of delightful but also unique scents.

On the first inhale you will instantly recognize the smells of Magic Melon, tropical and sweet. The odd but welcome duo that is watermelon and cantaloupe melon give off a celebratory feel with each puff. These flavors are the ones that will keep making rounds around your head, flowing with constant joy and tranquility settling over you from the pleasant ambiance of scents. A diesel flavor will play with your senses, taunting spicy and sour hints. The fruits complement it well with its mango and herb tastes spreading across your body.

Magic Melon’s dominant terpene is Caryophyllene, the terpene responsible for the spiciness that will zing your tongue with one touch. Limonene and Myrcene are the strings of citrus and herbal hints that linger in your mouth even when you are done toking. Its flavors are only part of the whole magic trick though as this Magic Melon just keeps pulling more rabbits out of the bag with its surreal experience.


The bud will bring you a cerebral high, relaxing your mind and keeping negative thoughts away. Waves of energy will peak out with each giggle and tingle that goes up and down your body, a complete calm that comes with the process. The euphoric high that comes after is indeed one that will bring you soaring across the skies in laughter.

The side effects that could come along with Magic Melon include paranoia, anxiousness, and dry eyes. Do not try to bite off more than you can chew from this bud and you can help to minimize the possibility of you experiencing these negative effects.

Medicinal Effects of the Magic Melon Strain

The uplifting but serene mood you get out of Magic Melon can be calming and useful for medical marijuana patients with depression, chronic stress, and fatigue. Magic Melon can turn those blues into a new muse due to its productive and creative kick. Meanwhile, its pain relief is sought after by patients with migraines, eye pressure, and glaucoma.

Growing the Magic Melon Strain

With the average flowering period of 7 to 8 weeks, Magic Melon can feel pretty good to grow considering your yield will be abundant especially if you grow it outside. Indoor yield can be around 12 ounces per square meter while outdoor yields can reach as much as 18 ounces per plant. Although you can grow it both indoors and outdoors, some tips regarding your outdoor growing procedure include placing the clones outside on the first of June and using the Gas Lantern Method to provide some light for the plant during its darker times.

Final Thoughts

Each part of Magic Melon pops in your mouth with a burst of fruity flavors, tingling your nose and head with happiness for a new day. If you need some creativity and focus this is your guy. The high will make you sing and the pain relief will make you sigh in a release. It might be too soft for some veterans who are used to powerful strains but Magic Melon has its charm and power much like any of the strains from the top delivery services in DC.

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