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king tut Strain

Socializing isn’t easy and it’s perfectly natural to need a little push. The King Tut Strain is perfect for those out-of-the-house moments when you need a quick confidence boost.

King Tut is a Sativa strain that offers an energizing, cerebral high. It is perfect for treating depression, chronic pain, inflammation, and stress. But more than that, the King Tut strain will help you navigate social events with confidence, run errands, and participate in creative endeavors.

Read on to find out more about the flavor, aroma, and medical benefits of this cannabis strain. Decide whether this is the best strain for your needs.

What Is The King Tut Strain?

A potent Sativa-dominant strain, King Tut is known for its immediate high and energizing effects. This versatile strain is great for days when you just want to get some work done and occasions when you need to socialize or network.

King Tut Strain

With this strain, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world. With enough energy to get any task done, confidence in excess, and a euphoric joy that will paste a smile to your face, the King Tut strain will change your life.

The King Tut strain is ideal for people who suffer from depression, anxiety, and stress. It also treats inflammation, nausea, and mild to chronic pain. The sweet taste will remind you of fresh fruits while holding notes of citrus and apple that appeal to most smokers.

Of course, the aroma is another matter altogether. Although the scent starts off sweet and floral it quickly becomes pungent and skunky as the buds continue to burn. This can be off-putting for newer smokers, but the amazing effects and delicious taste more than makeup for it.

The THC levels for this strain can go upwards of 27 percent, hitting a high of 30 percent, which makes it extremely psychoactive. However, CBD levels are quite low at around 2 percent.

Since this strain is designed to make you focused and productive it is ideal for morning use. The best time to smoke the King Tut strain is while you’re having breakfast. This exclusive strain is quite expensive, with an eighth ranging in price from $45 to $60. The King Tut strain is suitable for all kinds of users from novice to advanced smokers.

Flavors: skunky, citrus, apple, or sour

Aromas: floral, fruity, sour, or skunky

Appearance: dense cotton-like buds, thick layer of trichomes, or green with amber hair

Positive Effects: energetic, creative, social, focused, euphoric, or productive

Negative Effects: dry mouth, dry eyes, anxious, paranoid,

Medical Uses: depression, anxiety, stress, inflammation, chronic pain, nausea, lethargy, or loss of appetite

Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance

When you first light the buds they give off a fruity, floral aroma that has a distinctive, sweetness. But as they continue to burn the odor turns sour and skunky, gaining a bitter edge. Experienced smokers will also notice a slight undercurrent of citrus and apple that cuts through the earthy base.

King Tut StrainThe gradual change in smell makes it easier for cannabis users to get used to the aroma of these buds. However, this is certainly not a discreet strain and the smell lingers for a while after you’ve stopped smoking.

So even though it is a morning strain you won’t be able to smoke up in the office or on your way to work unless you have a car. The best way to use the King Tut strain is with your breakfast so you leave the house feeling energized.

The King Tut strain has a sugary and fruity taste, with notes of citrus that offset its pungent aroma. There are still earthy and skunky undertones, but overall the flavor is quite pleasant.

Visually, the appearance of the strain gives you a good idea of the effects you’re going to get. Dense, cotton-like buds are covered with a liberal amount of trichomes that hint at their high THC values. A speckling of pale amber hairs covers the light green buds although these are overpowered by the trichome layer.

If you’re looking for pure and potent THC, try cannabis distillate.

Medical Benefits

King Tut is the best strain for social outings or occasions when you need to socialize. These potent buds will fill you with exuberant energy and have you bursting with confidence.

Whether you need to clean the house, go to the gym, or get some work done, King Tut is a great strain for warding off procrastination and crossing tasks off your to-do list. This strain is both energizing and uplifting, so it’ll boost your mood on days when you’re feeling low.

An outstanding morning strain, King Tut will give you the drive to get through your day on a high note. It wards off stressful thoughts, regulates your mood to keep you happy, and fills you with the drive to work. All in all, these buds will make you feel like your best self which is a treat for people who suffer from depression, anxiety, or chronic stress.

As far as physical effects are concerned, the terpene profile for this strain helps reduce inflammation, soothe chronic pain, and treat nausea.

Overall, King Tut makes you feel happy and satisfied. If you’re going out it will fill you with the confidence to make small talk with strangers. If you’re staying home it’ll help you get through the huge pile of laundry you’ve been putting off for weeks.

Additionally, this strain is ideal for people who work in creative fields or are self-employed. King Tut will make your mind more productive and open to imaginative solutions you otherwise may not have thought of.

Growing and Selling

The origin of this royal strain is relatively unknown, although it is said to be a descendant of the potent hybrid strain AK-47. Bred by the Barcelona-based company Pyramid Seeds, King Tut is a rare strain and its seeds are hard to come by. The plants are difficult to grow and have an intense sensitivity to high humidity and fungus.

King Tut StrainIf you can get your hands on King Tut seeds don’t waste them indoors. This strain flourishes outdoors with careful care. The mature plant has a flowering time of over 2 months and produces a high yield. The ideal time to harvest outdoor plants is in mid-October.

King Tut plants grow anywhere from 2 to 5 feet indoors and 3 to 6 feet outdoors so you’ll definitely need to make sure you have enough vertical space. For indoor growing, experts recommend using a hydroponic system or the Screen of Green method to maximize your yield.

Indoor plants yield around 19 to 21 ounces (500 grams) per square meter while outdoor plants yield around 17 to 53 ounces (1500 grams) per plant. Overall, there’s little information on how to grow this plant since so few growers try their hand at it.

Reviews and Prices

Customer reviews speak highly of its potent mental high and energizing effect. Since King Tut is a rare and exclusive strain it costs around $20 per gram. The price of an eighth will range from $45 to $60. Users enjoy the clean high, fruity flavor, and citrusy tang of this Sativa strain.

What sets this strain apart from the rest is the focused productivity it inspires that will propel you through a busy workday. Growing this strain is difficult but well worth your while. A single seed will cost you around $13, while a pack of 3 will cost you $37 and a pack of 7 will cost you $84.

A cerebral strain, King Tut will fill you with euphoric joy and add a pep to your step. This makes it ideal for running daytime errands, attending social events, or channeling your creative energy. Patients suffering from stress, depression, and nausea speak highly of this strain’s effects.

Overall, the King Tut strain is definitely a customer favorite. It does everything it promises and more. Despite the higher price point the high from these buds hit immediately and offers a lot more value for your money.

King Tut StrainRelated Questions

Is King Tut An Indica or Sativa?

King Tut with a potent Sativa strain with a high THC value of 27 to 30 percent. It is popular for its energizing effect that can help you avoid procrastination. The strain also makes you euphoric and confident which helps in social settings. The King Tut strain is perfect for treating depression, anxiety, and stress. It also treats inflammation, nausea, and mild to chronic pain.

How Long Does King Tut Take To Grow?

While the specific results depend on the growing conditions, the King Tut strain takes around 2 months to mature. Flowering occurs faster for plants grown outdoors although they require extreme care. The strain is sensitive to high humidity and fungus. With indoor plants, you can get a yield of 19 to 21 ounces per square meter while outdoor plants yield 17 to 53 ounces per plant.

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