Gelatti Strain Review

Gelatti strain

If you’re into stoner culture, then you’re sure to find the name “Gelatti strain” familiar. For one, the first part of its name is the same as one of the legendary strains, Gelato. Aside from that, this bud has its reasons for being one of the most toked nugs in the cannabis industry. Its calming effects and festival of flavors alongside its rarity produce one of the most unique top-shelf materials out there. Relax with some Gelatti facts below.

What is the Gelatti Strain?

Fully appreciating the beauty that is Gelatti comes with tracing its roots to some of the most famous strains that have graced the cannabis community. Gelatti is a balanced hybrid strain that was cultivated by crossing Gelato and Biscotti. The hype around strains like Gelatti partially comes from its parentage. Gelato itself comes from a cross between Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint GSC. The latter being a phenotype from Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) makes it doubly famous.

Meanwhile, Gelatti’s other predecessor, Biscotti, comes from South Florida OG and Gelato, once again. South Florida OG is not one to pass up with its lemon and pine flavors; it’s an OG for a reason. This and Gelato combined plus another round of Gelato for the cross-breeding makes for an origin story for the ages.

To add to this, both Gelato and Biscotti are from Cookies, one of the top-shelf brands in California known for their dessert-flavored nugs. Much like many strains bred by the cultivators, it is hard to find your fix for the Gelatti strain. With THC levels around 20%, Gelatti is equipped to knock you out if you’re a newbie and just enough to give a heavyweight that blissful high they’re looking for.

Gelatti Strain Profile


Gelatti’s plant visuals are reminiscent of cheese-flavored junk food: curled up in bright orange rolls which are its hairs. Luckily, this translates well once they have been dried and cured. Vibrant oranges still light each flower up. The nugs in a pack of Gellati come in a dense form with sticky resin and trichomes. These produce the THC that makes you high.

Smell & Flavor

As a spicy and sweet strain, Gelatti’s prominent terpene is that of Caryophyllene, a peppery scent dominating each sniff you take. Many describe the bud as gassy, a Kush-like smell seeping in with every whiff. Limonene and linalool back up as the secondary terpenes. Limonene adds a citrus aroma: the pack gives off notes of fruity sweetness. To complement the combination, Linalool and its flower-like hints balance out the gassy fragrance making the entire bud smell refreshing, sweet, and spicy.

Gelatti and its Cookies brand origins are most noteworthy through its flavors. With candy and vanilla undertones, this gassy-smelling flower is an explosion of different kinds of tastes that all come up as sweet and tantalizing. The sugary parts of coffee and blue cheese mix well together into a musky overall inhale that turns into a sugary exhale. Earthiness wraps each puff up with its hints of floral freshness.


Its 20% THC levels are not lost on the Gelatti-loyalists that just keep coming back. If you want a deep couch-lock and a long toking session, you will want a pack of this strain. A deep body buzz will have you restful with a smile of joy on your face.

Many users claim that it makes them feel incredibly happy and euphoric. Slowing down your intake will help to slow the process down, but it is no secret that Gelatti is powerful and will have you sleeping from its indica side soon enough. The cerebral high lasts for hours leaving even experienced smokers couch-locked for longer than anticipated. Effects include euphoria followed by a deep body buzz leaving you happy and positive.

On the opposite end, the bud can result in dry eyes and a dry mouth if you take in too much. Keep a beverage nearby to help alleviate this potential pitfall.


What are the Medicinal Effects of the Gelatti Strain?

Since Gelatti is a balanced hybrid, it has a wide range of medicinal uses. For one, its joyful effects can help those with depression and chronic stress. These patients also go well with how relaxing it is. It can provide relief for any pain people might feel including headaches and migraines.

How Do You Grow the Gelatti Strain?

Maybe it’s the epic family tree or its fame in California but it has always been hard to get one’s hands on the strain itself let alone the seeds. While it may be difficult to look for the strain after many hours of cruising around you can always hit up the 420VL explore page for the marijuana product you need. It is a rare find in dispensaries and seed banks but once you find your stock you can see it flowering at 7-9 weeks.

Final Thoughts

With the popular combination of spicy and sweet flavors, you’ll want to try this Gelato-like strain. Then you too will be lost in its powerful couch-lock and potent high.

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