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Garanimals Strain Review

Garanimals Strain Review

A grape-flavored and beloved strain has also sparked some heated controversy. What do you need to know about the Garanimals Strain? The complex collection of hues and beautifully harmonious combination of smells and tastes marks Garanimals as a strain that is the talk of the town. As a perfect stash staple to end your day with, the nugs are ones that hit all the bases of an epic strain. Below are all the facts you need to consider before purchasing this bud.

Garanimals Strain

What is Garanimals Strain?

Garanimals strain, also called Granimals, is a delightful marijuana strain with THC levels ranging around the 28-30% mark. These high THC levels reveal a potency supported by a sweet ratio of 70-30 or 75-25 leaning more indica as a hybrid. Thus, nugs like these can almost leave you in a couch-lock, a happy journey after a long day.

While the hype around Garanimals is certainly evident and earned, there is some controversy about the name. It is also a well-known, trademarked brand name for a line of baby and children’s clothes. The strain mentioned here is far from the brand and has no association with it.

Aside from this pitfall, Garanimals remains a blissful experience after seriously stressful weekdays. The cross between Animal Cookies and Grape Pie takes lots of notes from its parents’ flavors and effects, its grape-like inhale and indica-leaning body high showing its roots to the very core of it.

Garanimals Strain Profile


Fluffy heart-shaped, deep-green dried buds await you after a stressful time at work. The rich purple berry hues that mix with sparkling trichomes over bright orange hairs are striking. The dense nugs are blanketed in its trichomes as if to shine in a silver glow. It is best used with a grinder as your fingers can get pretty sticky and hard to manage if you try to break the bud down by hand.

Smell & Flavor

On the nose, Garanimals reveals notes of spicy, herbal, and fruity goodness. This results in an aroma that is layered with hot, spiced energy. Along with its noteworthy herbal side, the total package becomes both fresh and intriguing. Doughy, vanilla notes roam around its jar with pine-like hints.

Its terpene profile is interesting, caryophyllene being the dominant terpene. The overall smell becomes one of diesel and pungence. Its other terpenes are limonene for citrus and linalool for herbal and floral notes. This mix of sweet, gassy, and citrus makes for a complex and interesting puff.

Some cannabis users might say this strain is highly influenced by Animal Cookies with a dash of gray and spiciness added to it. Berry inhales with nutty and fruity notes come across as very sweet and calming. Its more doughy aroma transforms into a pungent gassy and cookie dough-reminiscent experience. This last combination has Garanimals competing amidst the OGs.


Users love Garanimals for its flavors that ease you in with its saccharine nature. Meanwhile, you will not notice as it creeps up on you with a strong kick which can last around 3-4 hours or more. The above-average THC levels guarantee a powerful punch but in this case, you become soft and relaxed from its potency. You will feel like floating in a bed of clouds in a calm, full-body high, tingles following you around.

A dry mouth and eyes might result from the use of Garanimals strain. That is not to say that Garanimals cannot be enjoyed. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of liquids.

Garanimals StrainWhat are the Medicinal Effects of Garanimals Strain?

Garanimals is the ganja of choice for many medical marijuana patients due to the vast array of conditions it can treat. First off are the effects common to those needing pain management. Its pain-relieving effects can help those who have constant headaches, inflammation, and spasms.

Meanwhile, the joy and restfulness of the tasks allow it to aid people with depression, anxiety, mood swings, and fatigue.

How Can You Grow Garanimals Strain?

Garanimals take their time when it comes to growing which many beginner growers might get turned off by. Not only that but it needs lots of monitoring for mites and mold. As a short to medium-sized plant, it can be difficult to look at all the nooks and crannies that it comes with. All in all, it can be surmised that it is a challenging strain to try to cultivate. Still, if you are patient and successful you can find flowers at around the 60-63 day mark.

Final Thoughts

Even if Garanimals has a controversial name its spicy and fruity flavors along with the body high that comes with it make it easily placed on the top shelf. This makes growing it an endeavor worthy of its difficulty. With pleasingly colorful looks and famous origins, there is a reason it is so hyped up. The quality of the bud is on par with the supplies and services here.

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