Everything You Need To Know About The Dog Walker Strain

The Dog Walker Strain

The Dog Walker Strain, otherwise known as Dog Walker OG, is a classic indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with relatively balanced effects yet mysterious origins. Individuals looking to try this strain should tread lightly, as the Dog Walker strain is quite potent and can even catch veteran smokers off guard. This uplifting yet relaxing and sedative hybrid has become quite popular since its inception and continues to draw intrigue from many serious stoners over the years. 

Individuals interested in learning more about the Dog Walker strain, stay tuned. This article explores everything there is to know about this strain including some background information, growing tips, and an overall review of the Dog Walker strain’s uniquely potent yet balanced high.  

Dog Walker Strain Background 

Little is known about the origins of the Dog Walker strain in regards to who created it or exactly where it came from, however, the community is set on the fact that this strain was cultivated by crossing Chemdawg 91 and Albert Walker. Both of these strains are quite notorious in the cannabis community and are well known for their potent effects and intriguing aromas, so it comes as no surprise that combining them would produce such a wild card of a strain. 

The Dog Walker strain, as mentioned previously, is not a strain to take lightly as the average THC content this strain is tested at usually falls around 25%, however, it can be higher depending on how well it is grown. Dog Walker is known to even put experienced smokers through a loop, so beginners need to take it slow or stay away from this strain until their tolerance and experience level are high enough to match it. 

Dog Walker Strain Appearance and Aroma

The first thing of note when it comes to the Dog Walker strain is its funky and unique aromatic profile. Having most likely been named shortly after smelling the final product, someone immediately pegged the pungent aroma to be reminiscent of a wet dog. Like most cannabis strains, the Dog Walker strain was named after one of its most defining features. Most users report that this strain, in terms of its aroma and flavor, is an acquired taste and, although wet dog does not sound appetizing, for those cannabis lovers who enjoy the pungent, earthy tone found in cannabis, this is a perfect strain. 

The Dog Walker strain produces attractive buds that are coated in frosty, crystal-like trichomes that adorn the surface of the light green and orange buds. With average or medium-sized nugs, they are relatively dense and can be sticky, so having a grinder at the ready is highly recommended. 

How To Grow The Dog Walker Strain

When it comes to growing the Dog Walker strain, it is a relatively easy strain to grow as compared to some other, more finicky cannabis strains. As such, this strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, as long as the basic climate and temperature requirements can be met. So the Dog Walker strain is a solid choice for both beginner and experienced growers alike, however, having proper smell-proofing equipment for an indoor grow operation might prove to be vital as the pungent aroma is quite strong and pervasive. After around a 9-10 week flowering period (or by mid-October if grown outdoors), the plants will be ready for harvest, producing a moderate yet satisfactory harvest. 

How Does The Dog Walker Strain Make You Feel?


Now, onto one of the most important aspect of the Dog Walker strain, what is the high like and how does it feel? Since the Dog Walker strain is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, it will exhibit predominantly indica effects with the occasional or small traces of sativa elements blended in. Because of this, Dog Walker OG is best enjoyed in the afternoon or nighttime due to its overall potent, sedative high. 

The high presents itself as a light body buzz that builds and eventually culminates in an intense, full-body high that can lock users in place. Users note that the increasing intensity of the high comes on like waves ebbing and flowing until the entire body is consumed by the relaxing and sedative indica high. With the body relaxed and the mind at ease, the mind can begin to expand or explore rapidly enjoying the weightless experience of smoking this strain

Due to this strain’s potency and combination of effects, the Dog Walker strain also functions well as a medical strain. Commonly used to help ease symptoms of anxiety, depression, pain relief, and insomnia, the Dog Walker strain is a great choice for individuals looking for a solid strain for medical consumption, however, this strain should not be underestimated and taken in smaller doses until acclimated properly. Like any extremely potent cannabis strain, panic, anxiety, or recursive thinking are some negative possible side-effects to watch out for when smoking this strain.

Where Can You Get Your Hands On The Dog Walker Strain?

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