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Daily Deals & Events 03-28-2024 πŸŒΏπŸ•“

Puff and Paint Art Classes

DC / MD / VA Weed Deliveries

weed Delivery

Tap into the life of luxury

weed Delivery

Yesbud DC


DC / MD / VA Weed Deals

weed deals

SPEND $150 and get a FREE PRE-ROLL OR EDIBLE with your order!!

weed deals

Lemon Cherry Gelato
$200 per Oz

weed deals

D & J Magic Mushroom Cones
$50 per each


DC / MD / VA Events


Puff and Paint Art Classes By Elevated Events DC


Cannabis 101

The Dog Walker Strain, otherwise known as Dog Walker OG, is a classic indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with relatively balanced effects yet mysterious origins. Individuals looking to try this strain should tread lightly, as the Dog Walker strain is quite potent and can even catch veteran smokers off guard.....read more


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