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Daily Deals & Events 02-25-2024 🌿🕓

Moonrock Monday

DC / MD / VA Weed Deliveries

weed Delivery

Tap into the life of luxury

weed Delivery



DC / MD / VA Weed Deals

weed deals

Head In The Cloudz
Strains (Gelato, Ghetto Red, Jealousy, Bubba, Runtz, Green Crack, Sky Walker)


DC / MD / VA Events


Moonrock Monday By Glowblow


The Cannabis Hour: Cannabis Education & Registration Workshop By Trilogy Wellness of Maryland


Pilates w/ Lysi….we vibe we stretch & we align!! •Aromatherapy included• By @aliciasdaughter on Instagram


Cannabis 101

What do Nicolas Cage, John Travolta, and OG Kush have in common? The popular 90s film Face Off shares a name with this intense cannabis strain that promises to give you a memorable and mind-altering experience!...read more


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