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Daily Deals & Events 02-21-2024 πŸŒΏπŸ•“


DC / MD / VA Weed Deliveries

weed Delivery

Tap into the life of luxury

weed Delivery



DC / MD / VA Weed Deals

weed deals

GET OUR FIRE EXOTIC OZ OF SHAKE (NO STEMS OR TRIM) FOR $60!! **Excluding any other discounts currently applied.**


DC / MD / VA Events


420 penthouse smoke out By Glowblow


Holisitic Industries Pop-Up By Trilogy Wellness of Maryland


Fairfax Mobile Cannabis Certification Event! By High Road Delivery


Cannabis 101

Getting baked is given a new meaning when while toking the fresh Banana Bread strain. This bud is delicious but it is just as powerful as it is pleasing to the tastebuds. With flashes of sweetly made banana bread, just at the mention of these nugs, you will want to know how it fares in all the other aspects of the smoking experience....read more


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