Black Diamond Strain: A Rare Medicinal Gem

Black Diamond strain

The Black Diamond strain is a hard-to-find medical marijuana strain that is a coveted treasure for its sedative healing properties and fruity flavor. With a general breakdown of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa, it is a potent hybrid cultivated for relief, relaxation, and a robust full-body experience. Users gravitate towards this strain most often in the afternoons and evenings due to their snooze-worthy effects.

Black Diamond Strain Background

Black Diamond draws its origins from the relaxing Blackberry and Diamond OG, two esteemed strains with one deriving its lineage from the legendary classic OG Kush. Black Diamond is a hybrid raised in Northern California and is certainly potent with THC levels of around 18-24%. Additionally its CBD levels are at 0.039-1%

Visual Appearance

RESIZED Black Diamond Strain 1 768x480 1Black Diamond looks just as gorgeous and luxurious as its name would lead you to believe with colorful medium-to-large flowers that resemble marquise cut diamonds. Additionally, the plant shoots forward long pale leaves and some impressive trichomes alongside buds with revealing orange hairs. The plant’s overall purple and orange tones blending with the green foliage transform it into a beautiful gem to behold.

Aroma and Flavor

Its powerful aromatic profile takes after one of its parent strains, Blackberry, revealing a berry aroma with a pungent flavor and smell. The powerful aroma leans more on the earthy side with grape hints running parallel and enhancing its sultry red wine flavor. The prominent indica effects are complemented by its underlying musky fragrance. Users tend to gravitate to this strain over most other strains due to its charming fruity appeal. Its taste is also combined with pine and floral tones alongside its more earthy flavor that compliments its scent.

How Does The Black Diamond Strain Make You Feel?

Many cannabis connoisseurs described their experience with Black Diamond as a sweet high that transitions from delightful giggles to a deeply therapeutic, sedated sleep. This strain tends to make you hungry and rarely, if taken in large doses, produces effects like dizziness, paranoia, and anxiousness in some users. It might be a good idea to have some food at hand’s reach and be cautious of your pace and volume intake

The small or inherent risk of these potential side effects does not, however, undercut Black Diamond’s therapeutic benefits.

Medicinal Effects

Black Diamond is treasured by its admirers mostly for its versatile medicinal qualities. Users with bipolar disorder and endometriosis have reported this as their go-to strain to aid them in their difficult times. A handful from the community who have arthritis or lupus also use Black Diamond in order to numb their pain. This strain is also extolled for its alleviating effects on depression, sleep, and stress. It is the plant of choice for its sedative effects by those who can’t sleep, often smoked by insomnia patients. Lastly, it helps with chronic pain, muscle spasms, and nausea.

How Do You Grow the Black Diamond Strain?

There are no available seeds on the market for Black Diamond, so growing it will require obtaining clippings from a mature plant. This strain can be grown indoors and outdoors, both choices are welcome places to cultivate your own copies of this strain.

Growing it outdoors could be tricky because it does necessitate high humidity with consistent temperatures of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit in both the mornings and afternoons. Sprouts can grow to be short which means the expanded fan leaves would need to be trimmed to leave room for lower branches as well as flowers to receive the ample amount of nutrients and light to grow.

Novice growers might find Black Diamond a challenge, however; if you have had some success, a good eye, and a green thumb, this strain will be of moderate difficulty to grow. It takes to the soil, so hydroponics would best be avoided. The key tip to remember is mostly to keep tabs on the temperature. When growing it inside the Sea of Green (SoG) is the method usually followed. Clustering them together can make them grow faster instead of bigger.

Visiting your plants to check on them from time to time would be a great way to consistently see to their needs. If you do so you will find a gorgeous head of dark green leaves in your backyard.

Where Can You Find the Black Diamond Strain?

RESIZED Black Diamond Strain 2 768x480 1Black Diamond is a true and reliable medical marijuana strain, taken for its pain-relieving effects and relaxing atmospheric experience. If you want to have your own supply of Black Diamond try browsing through the Purple Penthouse Exclusive Designer Flower collection of flowers and famous brands in D.C. To get amazing discounts on your next purchase, mention 420VL. Sign up as soon as you can and stay updated on giveaways and information on the best 420VL resources.

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