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Bio Chem Strain: Potent and Powerful

Bio Chem Strain

Stoners who like their cannabis strong and their tokes pungent will gravitate towards the noteworthy Bio Chem strain. It checks all the boxes: it’s robust, dynamic, sedative, and relieving— all the marks of a true balanced hybrid. Bring some Bio Chem buds to your next couch fest and see just how powerful it is. For now, this guide can help paint a picture of what to expect from this potent strain.

Bio Chem Strain Background

Bio Chem is known to pack a punch and for good measure. Its origins say all there is to know. This cannabis strain originated as a cross between the celebrated Chemdawg 4 and the sleep-inducing Sensi Star, cultivated by 303 Seeds. Bio Chem’s THC levels typically range from 17-25% which reinforces the fact that this is no strain to joke around with.

This strain is a balanced hybrid, in most cases, giving it that energy-boosting ability while simultaneously putting you to sleep. It can also come in an indica-dominant form, playing a soothing tune to your cool Friday night. Its look is quite different from the sleepy dark green you would imagine, however, so grab your snacks and hang on.

Bio Chem Strain Appearance, Aroma, & Flavor


The contrast between the bud’s vibrant greens and its deep purple hues are complemented by the amber hairs that top it all off. Eggshell-colored trichomes glisten like dewdrops on blades of fresh green grass. The Bio Chem strain delivers on the visual aspect with its eye-catching, spade-shaped leaves and compact buds. You’ll note that if you touch the herb it can get quite sticky, so using a grinder might be the best way to go about breaking this one up. Upon holding the bud in your hands its smell will instantly captivate the senses.

Your first whiff will bring out many familiar but, at the same, surprising scents: citrus, spicy, earthy, and diesel. Each breath from then on will be a soft and sweet one followed by a strong exhale and pepper hints all around. This aroma perfectly matches its burst of spirited flavors.

Just like its fragrance you can expect a lot of diesel due to this strain’s strong Diesel family roots. Also, inheriting from Chemdawg, lemony and citrusy flavors peek out from the flower, its skunkiness also making a show for a split-second. The end of each exhale is that spicy taste that will make you want to get another round of its sugary inhale. And you will, of course, its high will keep you wanting more.

Bio Chem Strain Experience

Just as with its spicy but sweet aroma and taste, its effects mimic the ride of such a unique profile. First, you will feel tingly and giggly— joyful and bubbly from all the excitement. But remember, this strain is very powerful, so much so that newcomers to the scene might be knocked out, especially if they do not slow down or build up properly.

For longtime stoners, this could still be too powerful if you take in too much, although its relaxing start is nothing to complain about. Then— the high slowly creeps on you. A pleasantly sweet high, slowly dragging you to a couch-locked, sedated tranquility. It’s a perfect strain to end the week with, a nightcap from a long day.

Keep your fridge stocked or a snack close, Bio Chem can make you hungry pretty fast and could cause you to feel fatigued if you take huge amounts of it in one sitting.

Bio Chem Strain Medicinal Effects

Bio Chem has potent THC levels, providing medical marijuana patients with help for body-mind relaxation, stress, depression, and fatigue if you do not take too much of it at one time. It can lessen nightmares or insomnia as well. Lastly, it is absolutely essential for insomniacs and people who go through nightmares constantly. Its impressive effects can prompt many to plant their own Bio Chem flowers in their own backyard.

Growing Your Own Bio Chem Strain

You will need some experience before tackling this seed. Bio Chem grows well with monitored temperatures both indoors and outdoors and it needs to be pruned regularly to grow abundantly. You will have to find a clone to commence your Bio Chem growing which takes some more knowledge in the cultivation of cannabis than beginners typically are looking for. However, if you do plan to take the step, you can educate yourself on that matter. Soon enough, after lots of monitoring and pruning, you will be able to see flowers in 48-54 days. Harvesting season is somewhere between 9 and 11 weeks indoors and mid-October outdoors. You can expect 2-3 ounces per plant outdoors and 1-2 ounces per square foot indoors.

Where To Get the Bio Chem Strain


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