Bazookies Strain Review

Bazookies Strain

Several stoners prefer 50/50 strains, balanced indica and sativa hybrids that provide a sedated feeling but not too much to put you to sleep. As such even hybrids such as Bazookies strain caters to the crowd that wants to have their cake and eat it too. With excellent heritage and equally uplifting effects, Bazookies strain is an underrated strain we will dive into right here.

What is the Bazookies Strain?

This bright but equally calming dose was bred by Klone Colorado, a wholesale genetics company that specializes in recreational marijuana. This Bubblegum and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) cross is the perfect combination of old meets new. With the mood-boosting Bubble Gum and the epic GSC, Bazookies has its roots in famously delicious strains. It is not to be confused with Zookies which is a cross between Animal Cookies and Gorilla Glue #4 in Original Glue.

With THC levels averaging around the 21% mark, Bazookies can relax your mind and body, putting you in the sweet spot of getting to smoke it any time of the day. bazookies cannabisBazookies Strain Profile


Dark green thin, fan-like leaves sprout out, holding beautifully vibrant flowers in forest green with hints of dark and pale purple hues. Bright orange hairs top off the entire look, covered in snow-like amounts of frosty trichomes. Its nugs are gigantic, hinting at its massive yield.

Aroma & Flavor

Bazookies might sound like it got its GSC gifts through a sugary aroma, but it got the famous strain’s tangy smell while holding Bubblegum’s fruity notes. Bazookies linger in your nose persistently, pine and deep vanilla scents revealing themselves the longer you smoke it.

From its smell alone you might take your first inhale and expect confection-like flavors. Similarly, the fresh mountain-reminiscent taste combines itself well with the garden quality of tomatoes, leafy greens, and apples, making each toke a breath of fresh air in the countryside. The grassy taste and skunky undertone add a novelty to the entire experience.


Do not rush in too fast with Bazookies. It takes a good 5 minutes for it to kick in but when it does it will get your head in a good mood and a creative one at that. First off though it will relax you and then place in a strong body coupled with its equally potent heady productive high.

What are the Medicinal Effects of the Bazookies Strain?

Each terpene that runs through Bazookies spells its medicinal uses. For the main part, its Myrcene carries its indica side well: giving a sense of anti-inflammatory and pain managing effects. It can be used for those with chronic pain. Adding to this is the terpene Pinene which is responsible for some of its pain relief as well, paired with the ability to keep you focused. It can help with your memory too. Both Pinene and Nerolidol provide a subtle massage on the back, bringing you to a clear high as you sigh from euphoria relaxation.

If you take too many Bazookies you could end up dehydrated or hungry. Make sure to pack your stash with some biscuits or food for the munchies. Drink lots of water to combat any dryness.


Bazookies StrainWhat Activities Pair Well With the Bazookies Strain?

If you’re into the balanced experience grab a nice bed or couch and some work to do because this one will have you rested well enough to get all your other tasks done. If you do take it in the morning or midday, only a little will get you a long way, so you do not need to take too much to get the energy boost you need. Whether you have a cake to bake or some laundry needing some washing or if you just want to chill out on the couch Bazookies can be a delight to be around for some relaxing productivity.

How Can You Grow the Bazookies Strain?

Klone Colorado has made clones of the strain available with an average yield according to its website page. These are pretty fast to empty on the shelves so you might want to catch a delivery from a local dispensary such as from our wide selection in 420DC. Get a discount if you give us a shoutout upon ordering. Once you have everything you need all you have to do is plant some indoors or outdoors. You will find your plants matured by the end of 8 to 9 weeks, ready for the taking.

Final Thoughts

Bazookies is not the most talked-about strain but it has some high caliber ones powering it up. It can get you to a mellow place without compromising concentration and blissful cheeriness. The best part is you can have some of this sweet and grassy strain no matter what time it is.

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